I Appologize for Inconsistent Postings

Merry meet and merry greet Dear Ones,

Those of you who live in the Midwestern, U.S. know our weather has been doing everything from rain to freezing rain to sleet and snow with temperatures acting like they are being controlled by a yo-yo. This is effecting how my body feels day to day putting me in out of fibromyalgia flares and bad arthritis days. I am posting what I can each day which means on good days more posts go up than on bad days. I am trying to stay current with your birthday horoscopes and the Moon Goddess’ phase every day as for the other posts its a toss up. Being i am having a problem getting all 6 time zones for the Current Planetary Positions I have decided for now to just do two- The Northern Hemisphere Central Time Zone and the Southern Hemisphere AEDT zone. I think I can make sure these two posts are also done on a daily basis. Remember if you want to know where the planets are at any given time in your own time zone you can use timeanddate.com to figure out what your time converts to GMT to use the Costom Planetary Position form for where you live. The website address for this is customplanetraypoisitions.com.

Thank you so much for your support and patience with me on the posting. Thank you also for your kind words and offers of sending me healing!

Until we meet again blessed be my dear ones,

Lady Beltane

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