Update on What is Posted

Merry meet Sisters, Brothers, and Guests

How is everyone this beautiful December, Sunday? Lady and Mr. Beltane are still cleaning, unpacking, and settling into their new home and renewed relationship. They thank the Universe daily for all they have and finding each other again. They send out heartfelt, warm thanks for all your support!

Lady and Mr. Beltane have ran into a huge snag to get the internet connected in their new home. They have to have a working landlines telephone jack that is in working order. Guess what? The one and only telephone jack is at the moment none functioning. The good news is Mr. Beltane can wire in a new one either today or tomorrow so hopefully Lady Beltane will be back on her computer instead of her tablet by Tuesday morning if all goes right.

So today and tomorrow will still only bring you the 4 main posts and the coming weeks horoscopes.