Out Come of Doctor Visit and Tests

My chest x-ray showed some cloudiness in the lower right lung and my white blood cell count is high trying to fight off the pneumonia that is trying to develop. I am on antibiotics and use my nebulizer 3 to 4 times per day as I need it. The good thing is I was able to come down on the medicine that controls my central nervous system for the fibromyalgia as I am not dealing with the daily stress I had for the last 5 to 6 years with my ex-boyfriend.

The only stressor I have right now is finding a driver so I can move back to Illinois to live with the Yang to my Ying. We had dated for 1 1/2 years and than I pushed him away because of personal reasons. I am very happy to say that when I moved to Indiana and we reconnected I felt a calming peace wash over me and unconditional love fill my heart and spirit. This is the man I should have stayed with rather than spending 19 years being bullied and verbally abused. My moving date is tentatively December 5th or 6th. To be on the safe side before I said yes to moving in with my man I did 3 different tarot readings with three different kinds of decks, an Ogham reading, astrological reading for compatibility (which came out to 90%), dusted of off my pendulum and used it, my mother who really liked this man when she was alive came to me many times while I was deciding if this is the path I want telling don’t be a fool again and lose him for good, threw the runes which were favorable to our match, asked my other ancestors and Spirit Guides what they thought, talked endlessly to my sister in Germany (Sliver Sage), and last but not least a numerology combined reading. So this is the first relationship in 62 years that I have asked for opinions on whether or not this was a good match for me or not. Everything pointed to this was the right match for me at this time of my life and in the future. I’ll let you know when we pick a Handfasting date. He is not a witch yet but has always been interested in The Craft as I practice it. We are going to have a seasonal altar in our living room.

I am sorry I did not get any posts up yesterday and only some of them today. I will be back on track tomorrow.