Flashback 2000 Samhain

[The Flashbacks will alternate years between WitchesOfTheCraft.com and CovenLife.co]


At this time of year the Sun is in Scorpio, a sign often associated with death, finality, and endings. Every ending leads to rebirth, the process that belongs to Pluto, ruler of Scorpio. Although he’s known as the God of the Underworld, Pluto also represents regeneration, transformation, and reincarnation. He asks us to celebrate death instead of fearing it, to understand that deat is only a step before birth, and to trust in the immorality of the life-force. Pay homage to this dark God by honoring those spirits who have crossed over during the year. They have completed an evolutionary lesson and are now preparing for their journey back to the world of the living, refreshed and renewed. The candles we place in our windows help to guide them home, and burying an apple at the foot of a tree gives them nourishment for this next leg of their journey. On this sacred evening when the veils between the worlds are sat their thinnest, celebrate the “graduation” of the souls that have left us. Rejoice in the lives, instead of mourning their deaths.

Copyright KIM rogers-Gallagher Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2000  Pages 121