Missing Birthday Horoscopes Catch Up

I will be posting the missing birthday horoscopes on the birth month and date. Coming up for you will be August 14th to September 9th birthday horoscopes. I am sorry I got so far behind but my life got turned upside down again and in order to not have negative energy flowing into my posts I took time off.

As you know my laptop was hacked to the point of me not being able to get into it to get the hacker out. So thanks to donations i was able to buy a refurbished desktop but never got it for various reasons. The main reasons being my cousin in Ohio, USA basically threw me out of the extra home on her land. Why? Long story i don’t feel i should go into.

I am now living in Indiana, USA with my oldest son. After a hassle I got the Amazon Seller to understand to quit having FedEx try to deliver the computer to where I no longer lived. I have order another desktop computer due to be delivered, I hope, next week. Right now I’m working from my tablet which makes it harder to do post this why I am only doing a few catch up birthday horoscopes each day until I am caught up. Because of the rules of the apartment complex I had to ask my ex-husband to take Cleo with him to live. This separation has been and is very hard emotionally on myself and Star. Star is allowed to stay because she is my registered Emotional Support Animal.

Starting today I will be back to posting, so all post come up for 6:00 AM AEST. So please bear with me on the catching up posts.

It feels good to be back with all of you. Blessed be my Sisters, Brothers, and Guests.

2 thoughts on “Missing Birthday Horoscopes Catch Up

    1. Hi Daniel
      Except waiting for my new computer everything is starting to go better for me, thank you.
      I’ll look for a new song or video to post for you and everyone else today.
      Blessed be
      Lady B


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