Welcome in a Thankful Thursday

I know I’ve been MIA again with posts so let me explain why. As many of you know I just left a very toxic verbally abusive relationship so I started a new account for my cellphone and tablet. All well and good for me getting totally independent of my abuser but I also had to lower my data plan. So I had to wait to post until my internet was installed which happened late yesterday afternoon. So I went to go on my laptop to catch up birthday horoscopes but could not get any website to open. So ok after feeling as if I was banging my head against a wall I put it aside to try to track down the problem this morning. When I tried to get on this morning I couldn’t even sign into my computer with my PIN. Yesterday after the install a Hidden Network showed up and there was not option to disconnect it. I went to the internet to try to find a simulation to my problem. 5 different things that came up said that if this happens your computer has been hacked. I’m so glad that I use a different device to check on my bank, PayPal, and pay bills. Now my problem is being totally broke, I have about $2.00 in my checking account and with being on my own it will be months before I can buy a new computer or possibly get this one fixed.

I will post the missing birthday horoscopes between today and tomorrow along with the day’s magickal correspondences and get tomorrow regular posts up. It’s just going to be slow going with having to revert back to my tablet to do postings.

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  1. Oh, I am so happy to hear from you. There has been almost none post today and WordPress has changed the system to reblog very difficult. There was a chance to go with the ‘old (and good) system still yesterday. But today they have changed it to be some stupid “Edit Page” they have tried to push us earlier. It is just more difficult for me to reblog other’s posts further. But I have written to WP -support about it. I don’t write anything myself, just read other’s post and reblog them. So this Edit Page -system is just messing my work. 😕 I am just a reader, I do not write blogs, and that is what I tried to explain to them. (WP and this JetPack) Just take your time 🌺 🌺 🌺 I am happy to hear that you are otherwise okay.

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