Posts for Tuesday, August 11

I am sorry to our brothers, sisters, and guest in the Southern Hemisphere but I hit my head which left me with a very bad head and unable to concentrate enough to do the Tuesday posts on your Tuesday morning. The posts for tomorrow will be going up later in the day tomorrow after I go see a doctor. I apologize for this inconvenience.

3 thoughts on “Posts for Tuesday, August 11

  1. Oh no! Best of wishes for your doctor visit! Sending you much love and healing energy! Please take care sister! 🖤🔮💫

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  2. Merry meet, I am so sorry about that accident. I have felt very dizzy today also. 💫 😵 I believe in my case it’s coming from this flu, which is prolonged. I am also in poor condition. But luckily I will soon have lab tests and
    time reserved for the doctor. Take care, hopefully you did not hurt badly yourself (?) 🌺 🌺 🌺

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