Regular Daily Posts Moon Phase, Planetary Position, and Birthday Horoscopes

I am sorry we are almost half way through July and I have yet to do any of the regular daily posts. I have had trouble getting my laptop to connect to my cousins internet besides cleaning and unpacking, which still isn’t done. I am living about 30 minutes outside of a very small town and it may take a month or two for the gentleman that hooks up internet stuff to come out here as he lives and works 1 1/2 hours away so it doesn’t pay for him to travel here just to do one hook up. I ask for your continued patience and understanding when it comes to me getting posts done. Thank you for sticking with us during this time of change.

The 515 mile move has been harder on me than I thought it would be. At 62 I cannot do as much in a day as I use to. I am going to set tomorrow aside to hopefully get the past birthday horoscopes posted. To find the one you want click on the corresponding date on the calendar on WOTC Homepage. If the square is blue that means something has been posted on that date. I am also going to schedule all the regular daily posts through this coming Sunday, July 19th. To post this I am using my cellphone data unfortunately I do not have enough data to be able to post daily and I had thought I would have an internet connection by now. That’s a city person’s way of thinking but now I’m a rual person and have to learn that things run much slower here.

Thank you to everyone that made a donation to help with my moving costs!!! I very much appreciate it. I hope to be virtually with you all tomorrow. Blessed be sisters and brothers.

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