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Hi, do to major issues my handfasted husband has kicked me out of his house after 19+ years together or relationship has become very toxic for me over the last to years with the climax happening yesterday when he pushed me. I was not physically injured but my mind and emotions were. So my first priority has to be to get packed, move to Ohio to live with my cousin, and lick my deep wounds for a few days and than get back to work. I’m lucky that one of my heart daughters offered to drive about 150 mile to his house and then to move me 515 miles. The hardest part will be is moving so very away from my children and grandchildren.

In the 13 months I’ve owned WITC I  have never asked for money to help me, the 2 websites, witchcradt school, or coven except for the normal witchcraft courses and an annual coven membership fee but I am asking for your help now. If you can donate even a couple of dollars to help with moving costs, since I have under $50.00 dollars I would be extermely greatful. I feel bad asking you for help but I wasn’t paid for June from WordPress and my disability check all went to bills and groceries.

The regular daily post on here will be postion until the end of June. As soon as I’m able to come back I’ll post the missing birtday horoscopes which will be found by clicking on the date on the left-hand side of WOTC ‘s Homepage.

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  1. Hi Lady Beltane I was sorry to read your post and although I am miles away in UK and don’t have much maybe I could spare some. How can I send it Mandy 🌟

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