UGH! Please Have Patience With Us as Our Posting Templates are Changing

Greetings Sisters, Brothers, and Guests. I hope this finds you and your families in good health.

WordPress which is our website’s server has decided after many years to totally change the template we have to use to get our posts out to you. Some of the staff have been using a template similar to the one that was supposed to be launched June 1st but instead said SURPRISE here I am today.

With that being said and me having no warning to try to take myself gradually from the older template to the new one I ask that you bear with me until I figure out exactly how to use the new template. For example instead of writing or copy and pasting the post as one long document we now have to use a new “block” for each paragraph, picture, hyperlink, etc.

I also tried this morning when doing a post to put in a hyperlink but could not find the old or even a new icon that would allow me to put it in, in a way that you would only have to click on it. So until we figure out where that little bugger is we will just be putting the URL in the post which you will need to copy and paste into your browser to finish reading any post from another website.

I can already tell my healing candle will be burning at both ends to keep the headaches at bay while I figure this new system of posting out. Being a Taurus and Earth Witch I tend to dig my feet in and can get extremely rattled by changes to something I have been doing one way for years to something brand new that I had been avoiding having to use. Give me a comfy well worn pair of slippers and I am a happy witch. Buy me a brand new pair and I’ll ask the buyer to break them in for a couple of years.

So dear ones I ask for your patience as we go through another change with Coven Life and Witches of The Craft. I had a cute picture to put in this post but dang if I could figure out how to get it in here.

Oh if a post goes up that I went from hair over 2 feet long to bald this post should explain why…LOL

7 thoughts on “UGH! Please Have Patience With Us as Our Posting Templates are Changing

  1. Oh no! Have they changed it already? I am also totally out of the new system. I don’t understand why WordPress had to change this at all. It is gonna take a long time for me to learn to use it. 😰

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    1. It strange on it is changed but on it it not. So I am very confused this morning. Me too but we can only do the best we can. Good luck with adapting to the changes.
      How are you able to put emoticons into your comments please? Being on here for around 6 years I still have not figured out how to do them.

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      1. Oh, you have Opera, I am suffering with Google Chrome 😂 I just go to pages “Emojipedia” and choose emoji, then I click it, and copy it and paste here ❤️ It is very easy. You have to first choose a suitable emoji from emojipedia: Up the first line “Search emoji” Then I usually write “flower”, or “moon” or “objects” At the same time on the right side you can see Categories of emojis. You can even add emoji to your emails. I can write better advices for you. Under Categories are: smileys, flags, food, etc. First click the emoji you like to attach, and press copy. Like: Category — Animals, Dogs. And then you press copy and paste it here 🐶 I can also use for copying Ctrl + C and pasting Ctrl + V. If you have something – just ask me. I love all emojis, even they could be more nice. Hopefully this helped 🔮 Objects -category: it appears long list of emojis on the left side then copy it (Ctrl +C) and paste it to a place you want (Ctrl + V) Ask from me more, I love to help 💜 💜 💜

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      2. You are most welcome 👍 For understanding my advises 😂 I have been trying to create a new Twitter -and Insta -accounts today. Bright blessings to you also 🌹 🌹 🌹 See you tomorrow!


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