I have a Favor to Ask of Everyone to Help Me – NOT asking for a Money Donation

There is a small income from WOTC that I use to pay for the two websites, chat room, and other miscellaneous costs for WOTC and Coven Life. How much depends on how often the different advertisers on WOTC get clicked on. Last month there was no income so I paid for what was due out of my own pocket, which for one month is no big deal but as I am on a limited income doing so every month would cause my family to go without necessities. I am not asking for any money donations only that when you visit WOTC to please click on an ad even if you have no interest in any that are being displayed. A certain amount of ad clicks that is needed for the advertising company to make a payout unfortunately the company would not tell me how many clicks are needed. So please help me and my staff to be able to keep bringing you the Moon phases, planetary positions, birthday horoscopes, daily horoscopes, etc by clicking on an ad. I am very grateful that you are willing to do this to keep WOTC and Coven Life running.

4 thoughts on “I have a Favor to Ask of Everyone to Help Me – NOT asking for a Money Donation

    1. At least the first click every day will definitely help. I am not sure if multiple click per day from the same IPS address will count or not. I am sorry I cannot answer your question better but the ad agency would not give me straight answers to some questions. Like yours for example. Thank you for your help!


  1. I am NOT asking for anyone to donate money. There are ads that come up when you read the posts on this website. I am asking people to just click on one ad each time they visit WOTC website. The clicks determine how much WOTC makes per month that then covers the bills associated with WOTC, Coven Life, the chatroom, and misc expenses having to do with the running of all of them.


  2. I totally understand this 👍. But I am living with a very small amount of pension. I can just buy myself (and my cat) food, and other essential supplies. I would be happy to donate, but my money situation is very tight. My computer -support person (one man) has started to charge any advice he is giving to me even via emails 🙄 The Last bill was 40,00 € (EUR) from giving advice via email. 40 minutes = 40 euros, every time. And I also have to pay to protect my computer (Antivirus -programs, Anti-malware, etc.) I would be very willing to support, but don’t have ever any extra money 😞

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