(2020) Retrogrades by Charlie Rainbow Wolf (Part 1)

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You’re probably familiar with Mercury retrograde because it happens so often, but did you know all the planets have a retrograde period? The only exception to this are the Sun, because it’s the star all the planets orbit; the Moon, because it’s Earth’s satellite; and the Earth—-although if you visited another planet, then you’d see the Earth travel backward! Retrograde doesn’t mean that the planet actually reverses it order; it’s an optical illusion that makes it appear that way.


Venus is the planet of love, balance, and harmony. Its retrograde is the rarest, occurring approximately every month and lasting around six weeks. This year it enters the retrograde zone in April 5 degrees Gemini stations in May at 20 degrees Gemini, and continues the backwards dance until the end of June, when it stations direct at 5 degrees Gemini, leaving its shadow period the end of July.

This isn’t the best time to start a summer romance or spend big money. Temptations are strong and willpower is weak. Your natural perception of what is sensible is on hole while overindulgence tries–and often succeeds–to overpower it. Those expensive shoes might not look so appealing once the retrograde period finishes. The same goes for romances: the perfect match might turn out to be a dud once Venus starts moving forward again.


Mercury is associated with communication and travel. Mercury retrogrades most frequently, around three times a year. They don’t last long, somewhere in the region of three weeks. Mercury starts its backward dance in February, June, and October this year.* Factor astrological signs and the shadow periods when planning important meetings or making travel plans.

Mercury retrograde messes with technology — anything from online communication to schedules and transit. It’s easy to misplace something, miss a connection, or be involved in misunderstandings during this period. This sounds like a downer, but it is also a great time to review your progress and evaluate your priorities. Reconnections with people from your pass often happen when Mercury is retrograde, but don’t rekindle that relationship before rethinking what you hope to achieve.


*2020 Mercury Retrograde Dates

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