Witchcraft today…Has it affected you?

Witchcraft today is going strong. Most people think if you are practicing witchcraft is has to be evil when in truth its actually how you practice it.

I am firm believer in practicing witchcraft and practice it in the light. I know most people get scared and walk away from you. Well, that has happened to me since I have begun this journey. I am also a spiritual medium and I have lost so called friends from finding that out.

Do I care? No, they didn’t deserve me in their life. Witchcraft and mediumship is very important to me. I live my life the way I want to and I don’t need anyone’s approval for that. Accept me as I am or I don’t or need you in my life.

So, has this happened to you? I am sure it has but you know what don’t let it get you down. Just keep going and hold your head up.

Blessed be,


2 thoughts on “Witchcraft today…Has it affected you?

  1. I love your post: It’s so cool and true; there are some people that have the wrong idea of what witchcraft and being an medium really is, and I believe that if he/she is doing it to harm someone that it’s the person’s intention to be evil not the art or witchcraft it self.
    I myself like to use it for good reasons; not to actually harm someone, but, if someone want’s to harm me, then I’ll defend myself in any means to protect myself and my friends if need be.


  2. Not yet. Most people laugh and don’t take me seriously when I make any mention of it. Those who do take me seriously are also practicing on their own. I have not spoken of it to my family, but I do believe it would happen to me there.

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