No Moon Phase or PLanetary Positions Posts for January 5, 2020

I am sorry for not posting the Moon Phase and Planetary Positions for today but I forgot to schedule them on Friday and yesterday I was off except for the spell casting for Australia. I Will get the birthday horoscope for today up now.By using these links you can find the current Moon phase and Planetary Positions.

Current Moon Phase


You can use this link to go forward or backward in time for Moon phase information. If you are curious you can even find out what phase the Moon was in when you or anyone else you know was on the date the person was born.

Planetary Positions

If you need to calculate the planetary positions for a specific use and time, click on this link

To figure out GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)e to your local time use this link

For You Local Time and Date

If you have questions about using any of the links please leave them in the comment section as others may have the same question and it is easier to answer once than many times via email. Thank you.