N. H. Count Down to Yule

Some of us live in an area where it would be difficult if not impossible to burn a Yule log. I make a cake Yule Log and always freeze one kind of big piece of it to bring out the following year. Than before anyone has a piece of the new Yule log it is blessed and a piece sliced off as an offering that the youngest person attending , providing they can walk on their own I’m putting this in as I just thought of my grandson who will only be 4 months old so can’t really have the honor of placing the offering to the Sun King and Moon Queen to bring back more light to our hemisphere, everyone attending the Solstice fest accompanies the child while he or she makes the offering and than we all come back inside. Next everyone has a small bite from the piece I had frozen from last year as we thank the Lord and Lady for all the things we have experienced in the past year.

Now comes the fun part the oldest person in attendance cuts off the piece to be frozen for next year. Than he or she cuts a slice for everyone to enjoy why we think and talk about what we would like to happen in our lives in the coming year. The Yule log is served with Mulled Wine for the adults and warm spiced Apple Cider for the children.

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