Update For Ownership Change for WOTC

With Thanksgiving in the USA there will be a 1 to 2 day delay on getting the death certificate for Lady Abyss. I am going Tuesday, because my cold is almost gone and I cannot do anything with WordPress until I have the death certificate and the notarized paper with all my personal information. There is a very small possibility that if the domain name expires before I have the paper work that I might be able to just get it as it will be open to the public in 8 days or at least that is what WordPress told me in my last “chat” with them. So I am doing things as fast as I can the biggest road block is getting the paperwork from another state. If it was closer to where I live I would just go into the county building and pick it up.

So this is where everything is at right now.

All the birthday horoscopes are up to date. I apologize to those in the Southern Hemisphere that I have missed posting so many Moon phases and planetary positions for you but Tuesday’s will be up at 6:00 AM AEDT. For the Northern Hemisphere your current Moon phase and planetary positions will be up Monday morning.

I will be checking up on emails for both websites tomorrow. Sorry if you have been waiting for a reply to something but this cold knocked me flat.

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