The People to Thank for Letting ALL of US Keep Lady Abyss’ Legacy Alive

As our beloved Lady is beyond anyone being able to hurt her through a picture of her on the internet I feel it is time to show you the woman behind the curtain… (PS this picture has a protection spell so anyone thinking of trying to find some way to still use it against her I can guarantee you will not like the consequences— Lady Beltane). The picture was taken this year. We love and miss you sister but I promise to carry on the mission given to you by the Goddess.

Kit 209

Lady Kit of the Abyss

3/1961 to 6/13/2019

Lady Abyss once told me she use to have a page that listed the name of the people who made donations to WOTC but took it down so those who couldn’t donate didn’t feellike bad. I agree to keep a page on the website all the time for that is unfair but I am making an exception because these donations were for a very special reason. Please do not feel bad if you wanted to help but were unable to. I totally understand not having even $1.00 extra to help. That is the position I’m in right or I would have covered all the costs for the death certificate, overnight snail mail, getting a paper notarized, domain name yearly fee to get the domain name and website switching over into my name. So those of us who could not donate to help cover the cost still have a very important role to play in the goal, our role is to thank those who were in a position that could donate and to ask the universe to reward them for helping our community to continue.

The names to give thanks to and ask for a special blessing for them are (in no specific order of amount but as their donation was received):


Priestess Hypatia of Coven Life THANK YOU!

Dawn of the Day THANK YOU!

Gina B. P. K. THANK YOU!

Louisa K. THANK YOU!

White Wolf THANK YOU!

Enchanted Psychic Visions – Melinda W. THANK YOU!

Golden West Asphalt -?? THANK YOU!


This list of people recognize the coming together of what had been 2 websites with 2 different people leading coming together under the leadership of 1 person to save the first website WOTC that help give birth to the second website Coven Life. I know everyone of us whether we had a close personal relationship with Lady Abyss or only knew her through the magnificent website she created 20 years ago were sadden by her sudden departure to the Summerlands. I am honored to have had our beloved Lady pass the torch on to me and am humbled by the out pouring of prayers, support, donations, etcetera from all of you in our now combined community. As soon as I get a helper or two forthe posting on WOTC more of the divination, astronomy, and other things that have been missing will start coming back. Anyone care to lend a hand putting up daily posts? Send me an email and we can discuss it.

May your lives be filled with love, support, kindness, and lots of positive energy. One last thank you to those that were in a position to be able donate!!!!

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