Lady Abyss’ Legacy is Able to Continue

My deepest gratitude to the 9 people who made the donations for me to get Lady A’s death certificate and have another paper that has too be notarized, plus the cost for overnighting the request for the death certificate to Kentucky possible. Dear Sisters and Brother remember the Threefold Law what you send out comes back to you three times as strong so look for a lot of love and positive energy coming your way!

I will be printing off and filling out all the paperwork after I get off of work to night.  Than walking to the post office to mail paperwork off with that done I will be going directly to my bank to get the other paper notarized. When I’m done with that I will immediately email WordPress that all the paperwork they want will be in before the expiration date.

Be true to my word I am letting you all know that no more money is needed at this time to keep going.

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