Again I Am Asking for Your Help to Save WOTC




As you can see from this screenshot in 11 days we can lose Lady Abyss’ Legacy. All I am asking is if everyone donated $1.00 USD we would have enough to cover me getting a copy of Lady Abyss’ death certificate, which will take approximately 5 business to get to me after I request it and overnight snail mail the required forms. I have talked to WordPress more then once and the only way to change the domain name over to me is by having that piece of paper to scan and email to them. When I bought WOTC I from our beloved Lady we agreed it was silly to change the website and domain name at that time since WordPress would not have given her a refund since she paid for all of 2019. So I paid her than for 2019 and when it came due again we would change everything over into my name.

You can see in the 2nd picture what the fees are to get a copy of a death certificate in McCracken County, Kentucky. Does anyone live in this area that would be willing to go to the county building and pick up a copy of Lady Abyss’ death certificate? I will happily send you a money to you for the $10.00 to cover gas and add the cost of getting the certificate and postage to send me the hard copy as soon as you either scan it or take a good picture of and email it to me. I will ask you to please wait for me to send it out on December 3rd because the $10.00 are the only donations that have come in so far to get the death certificate as so. If there is someone out there willing to do this email me asap at

I have $5.00 in my checking account until I get my disability check on December 3rd which will be to late for me to pay the $61.00 total for the death certificate, the $33.00 domain name fee, and overnight snail mail cost. Please believe me I am not looking to put money in my purse or pocket. As soon as there I have a total of $94.00 to cover what I need to keep Lady A’s legacy going I will immediately put up a post that the amount is cover and no other donations are needed right now forthe anything. Please if you can help raise these funds do so don’t have the thought. “I’m sure they have enough because someone else donated.” Because until you see a post that says it is covered or someone volunteered to pick it the fees won’t be covered.

To make your donation so we as a community can carry on Lady of the Abyss’ legacy just click on the yellow Donate button on the Homepage for WOTC or Coven.

Blessed be dear ones. I know you will come through to keep Witches of The Craft going and by doing so you will be honoring Lady Abyss!