Coming Very Soon a Page to Share Your Memories of Lady Abyss

I will only be doing the all birthday horoscope for this week. If you want the Moon phase and planetary positions I ask that you go back to an earlier post and use the link to find what you want. I will start posting for both hemispheres on the Northern Hemisphere Sunday, November 10th. The Memory Page will be ready by 9:00 AM Central Time on Friday, November 8th.

The posts I will be doing the rest of this week will be to honor our beloved Lady Abyss. If you have a story about you and her up on the memorial page I will be making send me:

The Story please include approximately when it happened if you remember – Your memory might be something she posted that you felt she did it for you or emails between you or phone calls or any story about how she touched your life and possibly your heart. You can share as many stories as you want to.

For the next three things please include a few sentences about why it reminds of our beautiful Lady

A Poem that reminds you of her. If it is not an original work of yours please include The Name of the book, the copyright date, and page number it is on.

A Song of there is a song, preferably from youtube, send me the link.

A picture and/or quote please send it as an attachment if you made it. If you get off the internet please send me the link so I can check to see if someone has its copyright. If someone does I will write to them asking permission to put it on WOTC and the reason why you want it up.

The Name you want me to use at the end of your story. If it is your given I will only put your first name up and the initial of your last name if you wanted there.Lady

I know a lot of us are in shock and mourning the list of our mentor, friend, and sister but by coming together to honor her on the Memory Page and Remembrance Ceremony we can support one another.

if you want or feel you would like to talk to me about your grief and things to help you come with it, I will make sure to have my tablet connected to the Chat room Friday, November 8th from 7:00 AM Central Time to 7:00 PM Central Time and On Saturday, November 9th from 7:00 AM Central Time until the last person leaves after the Remembrance Ceremony. Just pop into the chat room and we can do a private conversation while others are out in the main part of the Chat room. I am also available through an email you can write to me at

Until Saturday May Archangel Gabriel wrap his wings of love and comfort around you. Blessed be dear ones

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