Lady Beltane Will Do What I Can to Get You the Daily Posts

Last Saturday I had a minor heart attack. This past Wednesday I started having some of the same symptoms so following doctors orders I have basically been doing nothing. This morning the symptoms worsened. I went to the Emergency Room and the doctor decided I need to stay in overnight this time so they can track something in my blood that will tell them that either I had another minor heart attack or not and also if my heart is heading towards a worse one. I also found out having fibromyalgia can combine with other things to a use a heart attack.

I am deeply sorry that I didn’t post anything for a few days and probably will not get anything posted until Monday. This is the only problem with being the only person posting on WOTC no one to cover it if I’m unable to. Hopefully I can talk someone in my coven to step in on this site when I’m not able to post for some reason.

I hope my heart problem won’t cause you to no longer follow WOTC. I ask you for your understanding and to have some patience with me until next week please and thank you.

Blessed be dear ones — Lady Beltane