Divination Posts Will Be Different

As I personally use a few different Tarot Decks and Oracle Cards for a daily 1 card draw for a general reading for all of us. I cannot post pictures of all the cards and will paraphrase the meaning of the card into my own words so I am not infringing on copyright laws. I will be doing the same for The daily I Chang, Rune, and Ogham draws. Also doing the daily draws this way it is easier to rotate the Tarot and Oracle decks I will be using. The “Crack the Cookie” and “The Wisdom of Buddha” will be in the divination posts also.

I know I have done very few divination, daily correspondence, and general witchcraft posts since taking over. I will not give you any excuses for not doing them only an explanation I have been very tired because of my health not being good. But feeling well or not I have a responsibility to the readers of WOTC to bring you certain posts you enjoy reading daily so beginning Monday feeling better or not I will start increasing the daily posts to include more of what you are use to seeing every day.

2 thoughts on “Divination Posts Will Be Different

  1. Greetings m’Lady,
    i have great faith that the Goddess will help u thru!…


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