Various Chants & Invocations to Hecate

Madre wicca
Chant for Swift Justice

The chant below brings swift justice to those who treat you unfairly. Take caution in using it, though, especially if you have also behaved inappropriately. Hecate’s justice knows no bounds. She sees to it that all involved get precisely what they deserve.

“Hecate, Dark One, hear my plea,
Bring justice now, I ask of Thee!
Right the wrongs that have been done,
Avenge me now, oh Mighty One.
Turn misfortune back to those
Who cause my problems and my woes.
And heap upon them karmic debt
Lest they all too soon forget
Their wrongful actions, words, and deeds
Don’t let them get away scot-free.
Bring them forth from where they hide,
Bring swift justice ~ wield your knife.
Hasten, Dark One; hear my plea ~
Do what it is I ask of Thee.”


Excerpt from
Everyday Magic: Spells & Rituals for Modern Living
 by Dorothy Morrison

Chant to Cast off Troubles

Hecate, Goddess of darkest night,
Send my troubles all to flight,
Burn them in thy sacred fires,
And replace them with my heart’s desire!

Words of Power

May the circle never be broken,
May the earth always be whole,
May the rattle ever be shaken,
May Hecate live in my soul.

Raising Energy

Hecate’s power,
Dark Moon Hour,
Fire to Banish and
Magick to flow.

Chant to Bless the Altar

Come Goddesses of fire and water,
Goddesses of earth and air.
Give your blessings to this altar,
Give a listen to our prayers.

Attraction Chant

Goddess, let all good blessings come to thee,
Love and money fair to see.
Let all happiness and love,
Be heaped upon thee from above.
Bring in, bring in, as the Moon doth swell,
Whatever Thou neediest to keep thee well.

Wisdom Chant

Hecate, Crone Goddess, Keep me whole,
Let thy wisdom fill my soul.