Wishing All Our Dear Brothers & Sisters of The Craft A Very Beautiful & Blessed Day!

Starting out a little different this morning, no fancy graphics or anything like that, just this. I woke up this morning at the crack of dawn to greet the Sun as usual. Oh my, He was shining so brightly and brilliantly over the tops of the trees. You could see His Rays extending for miles and miles it seemed like. It was breath-taking. Then it hit me, today is Easter for the Christian faith. Hmm, hadn’t really thought about it much and don’t know why it did hit me but when it did I started to chant. It is a chant I am sure you all know, “The Goddess is Alive and Magick is A Foot!” That is what has took me so long to get here this morning, I have been looking for it on YouTube and can’t find it anywhere. Just my luck, something I truly wanted to share with you today and can’t find it to save me. I did find a song that I am going to share with you and I believe you will enjoy it just as much, “I am Pagan and I am Proud!”

As I stood outside waiting for the Sun to fully rise, I did some reflecting. I know today is Easter and I know what it means to the Christian religion. But for most witches and myself, it doesn’t hold any meaning at all. I know we have Christians amongst us and I hope you have a very beautiful and blessed day. But since you are here with us, I would ask that you respect our beliefs on your special days as we respect yours. With that said back to my reflections, I heard the other day on the News that this year was the most disappointing year for mainstream religion yet. More people are leaving mainstream religion than ever before. Now where they are going they didn’t say but I have a feeling I know We have seen a huge increase in membership in the past year. We pick up to 5,000 new members each week. It makes me stop and wonder what has happened. Has our word finally gotten out? Do they now realize that we offer something more than other religions? Perhaps, perhaps not.

I know this morning while I was reflecting, I got to thinking about it. I was outside, listening to the birds sings, feeling the wind blow on my cheek and just enjoying all our Divine Mother has blessed us with. This great big beautiful world and such blessed and magickal lives. It is true the Witches are Blessed. On with my reflection, I got to thinking about what Easter really means for the Christian religion. Today is a day that Christ was suppose to rise from the grave and they celebrate his victory of life over death. We have nothing like that in our teachings or our beliefs. No where will you find it. Our Gods and Goddesses never died. There are still with us to this very day. They live on eternally, forever and ever. Our Gods and Goddesses are alive. We see them every  day in our lives, we use them in our rituals, they help us when we are in need. There is no denying they are very much alive and well to this very day.

I had someone yesterday at the grocery ask me if I was going to give my “Easter” speech kiddingly. I told them I didn’t think so this year. Oh, you ought to hear it, it is a something else. It is much too long and well let’s say, I am Pagan and a witch and leave it at that.

I think I have probably already said too much but today is just as special for us as it is the Christians. They celebrate a God risen from the death. We should be celebrating Gods and Goddesses that have never died and never will. They are with us continuously, forever and ever. They have made promises and promises kept. They have never asked to kill in their name and they have showed us unconditional love. They have showed us how to treat others as we would want to be treated. Most of all they give us the promise of rebirth. The opportunity for us to be reborn and reborn. A never ending cycle of life is what we are guaranteed. So while the world celebrates Easter, let us celebrate something even greater, our Gods and Goddesses. Let us give them honor and praise for fulfilling our lives and letting us see a world so few get to see let alone experience.

Let us give thanks to our Divine Mother & Almighty Father for this glorious Sunday morning! 

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