Ok, You Asked for It……Second Question of the Day

Well you really didn’t ask for it but since no one has replied to the first one yet, I thought why not try a second one. I know, I know, good grief does this witch ever stop? No, you should know that by now.

I will try to make this as short as possible. All the ladies have the weekend off and I am here by myself except for my trusted familiar Kade. So to add a little noise to the office, I turned on the TV in the ladies’ area. I like to watch shows that involve murders, who-done such as, “Wives with Knives,” “In Ice Cold Blood,” “Snapped,” well you get the idea. Don’t get me wrong, I am not secretly a mass murderer or Jack the Ripper reincarnated at all. Stuff like that just fascinates me. But one thing that puzzles me when I listen to these shows…..at the end they do a short interview with the victim’s families. One, two or all of them generally say, “We forgive them for killing so and so.”

To this day, every time I hear that I am baffled. I don’t know if I could forgive someone who had killed someone I loved or not. Could you? That is my question to you, could you forgive someone who has killed or taken the life of someone you loved?



*My opinion, I don’t believe if I was an average person I could. Now being a witch, that’s a different story. I am a gray witch, I make no denial of that. I believe I would cross the line and give Karma a little boost in dealing with that person. Or else I might just skip Karma altogether and deal with that person directly. I know the topic might be a little morbid but I have the channel on Oxygen and they have all these good murder-mystery shows on Saturdays. Every time I hear someone say, “they forgive the person who killed their loved ones,” I have to stop and scratch my head. I was just so of curious, have the drugs effected my mind or how do other people feel about this?”

And you are hoping they never leave me in the office again by myself, lol!

4 thoughts on “Ok, You Asked for It……Second Question of the Day

  1. I think that forgiveness isn’t for the bad guy. It’s for the victims. It’s a way of letting the spirit of the person gone go. It’s a way for the survivors to feel better about it. Holding on to your anger and blame only hurts you, it only clogs up your spirit. There comes a time in healthy grief when you let go of the anger. I think it speaks of a healthy spirit. Just my thoughts.

    ; )


    1. Thank you for your comment, Peeper. I had never really thought about it that way. I guess the sudden death of a loved one, a person would have to have a way to deal with it. It is just such a shock, one moment here, then the next gone. The human mind would definitely have a hard time coming to terms with that. I guess perhaps you might be on to something there. I know from personal experience, you go through tons of emotions when you lose a loved one. I went through hatred, which you are right, it almost did consume my spirit. Then as you mentioned, I also went through blame, it is nothing but a roller coaster ride of emotions when you experience the lose of a loved one. My cousin had a saying that everyone jumped his rump about. He said when it was a person’s time to go, they would go, no matter how or no matter when. People got upset for him saying that. I believe that is true. I know I use to be angry at everything when I lost a loved one. Now I have come to terms that it is part of our cycle. After all the changes and experiences I have had, I believe I can say, I never could forgive a person who took a loved one from me. I might as you say, not have a healthy spirit but I would beg and plea with the Goddess to help me deal with that along the way. I appreciate your comment and they are more than welcome at anytime, Peeper. You gave me a new perspective on this subject. Thank you and have a very blessed Saturday.


  2. I would honestly say that this would be impossible for me. I would leave karma to the Gods, but forgiveness would be impossible


    1. Thank you for your comment, Janet. I know I couldn’t and I guess I shouldn’t question those who say they can, but….I don’t see how anyone could forgive someone who killed one of their loved ones, honestly. You know deep down inside there has to be anger, resentment and such a feeling of rage. I know it would be very difficult for me to control, let alone think about ever forgiving the person. In fact, I know forgiveness would never even enter my mind. Thank you again for letting me know the drugs hadn’t warped my mind yet. Have a very beautiful & relaxing Saturday, dear sister.


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