Sunday: Do not get disappointed

Sunday: Do not get disappointed

Would you guess what planet is associated with this day? Easy, isn’t it? You can object that the Sun is not a planet. You are right. It is a star.

Do not get disappointed that you are not meeting any god. For ancient cultures, the Sun and its daily cycle were crucial because their lives depended on its light and warmth making it possible to grow plants and get rid of the fear of the nightly shadows. Every morning, they were afraid the great gold sphere would not rise up in the heavens again. So the Sun was mostly understood as an incarnation of their most important deity and they were begging it with their prayers to come back the other day.

In many Romance languages, Sunday is called the Lord’s Day (Domingo in Spanish, dimanche in French, domenica in Italian: based on the Latin expression Dies Dominica) since this was the day when the God started his one week creation feast.