Born on February 8, Happy Birthday Aquarius!

Happy Birthday liebe Susi

Happy Birthday Aquarius!

Kick up your heels with the worldly Water-bearer

There are people who think you’re kind of impersonal, but they fail to see that you’re just rising above your emotions to be the best human being you can be.

If you were born on February 8, you have an intuitive sense about what other people are thinking and feeling. In fact, you can often sense what’s going to happen next. You take your insights seriously, and sometimes feel so much that you become overly involved with others’ needs and problems. Be very careful when choosing friends and mates because their influence can make or break your spirit. Use your talents for good and when the moment is right!

At your best: Sensitive, understanding, insightful
At your worst: Nosy, worrisome, unstable


More About Aquarius

Although you’re a social sign, Aquarius, you’re not the type who enjoys being the center of attention. As a result, on your birthday you might celebrate casually with a group of friends, but you’d feel just as comfortable working the night at your favorite soup kitchen or on your latest humanitarian cause. You are definitely the altruistic type! As long as your personal space is respected, you’ll go out of your way to help mankind.

The Most Unique Party In Town


While it’s true that you have your pulse on the most visionary of concepts, you also have the reputation for being offbeat — even weird — in your approach to life. The good news is that you’re an incredibly strong-willed individual. But at the same time, you might be uncompromising and rebellious — especially when you sense any threat to your personal freedom. When you need breathing room and ask someone to give you space, you tend to mean it … even if it’s on your birthday!

Some may accuse you of being cold or detached … and at times this might be the case. If this happens, however, it’s usually because you prefer not to reveal yourself until you’ve decided someone is worthy of something more than a superficial alliance. Once you’ve made that judgment, you’ll be a loyal friend through thick and thin. If your pals or relatives are planning a special birthday surprise for you, you may not get all gushy and sentimental about it, but that doesn’t mean their gesture hasn’t affected you. You may not wear your heart on your sleeve, but you certainly have feelings that run deep. True, you might be a little strange sometimes, but you’re also always authentic. is Part of Zappallas USA © 2019


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  1. Hi. I was just wondering if it’s possible for you to do a Born on the 6th February, please? I was really hoping to see it there for my birthday, but it wasn’t. Sending you love, light and hugs xoxo
    Tracy Brooks.
    I’m a Southern Hemisphere Witch.
    Love your posts.
    Thank you for taking time to read this xoxo


    1. Hey Tracy, I believe I can get that done for you. Give me just a moment and it will be up for you. Thank you for visiting us from the Southern Hemisphere, we are honored you are here.
      Have a very blessed weekend,
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