Y’all Ready for This….

Since our heads are still foggy, we’re going old school today.

Sorry, Southern Hemisphere, we are still in a fog, we can’t remember if y’all are a day ahead of us or a day behind us, just kidding, it’s a joke! Made a joke the first post and got a call from Lady B, (so I am clarifying my jokes today, lol)….but we will get the Southern Hemisphere Journal back in here tomorrow, I promise.

For now, Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Y’all Ready for This….

  1. Sure Dear sis blame me that’s ok.
    BTW Southern Hemisphere is approximately 17 hours a head of us. The time zones from the east shore to the west shore consist of, if I remember correctly, 5 different time zones with each one being a 1/2 Elizabethan the one before it.
    I think my humor switch was turned to off yesterday because nothing I heard or read anywhere was funny to me.?
    Love ya
    Blessings full.of fun happiness, and laughter to anyone who reads this.


    1. IT WAS A JOKE! Darn is my humor that dry? I was just kidding, I swear. I know by now how far ahead of us they are. I am going to start each humorous post from now on out with *THIS IS A JOKE.* I know you are being helpful. I figure after yesterday’s phone call, you probably think I have lost my mind. I swear I haven’t, I don’t think anyway, *JOKE!*
      Love ya,


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