Your Daily Tarot Love Card for January 2 (N.H.) and January 3 (S.H.)

Your Daily Tarot Love Card for January 2

The Judgment

A decision works to your advantage if you make it after serious deliberation. As you do the latter, add a touch of intuition. Something that nags at you and nibbles at the edge of your memory has relevance today. Does something need to end? The Universe offers change for your own good when you need it. Closing chapters leads to opening new chapters. Ends are rites of passage just as beginnings are.






Your Daily Tarot Love Card for January 3

The Hermit

The Hermit symbolizes healing powers. Are feelings the same as when you started, if you are in a relationship? If they are not, you are past due for the healing that stimulates growth. You should feel free to reach out and touch without fear. If single, healing is in the form of the personal weeding and pruning that shows old conditions have passed away in order to allow new things to grow.