A Very Warm & Blessed Wednesday Morn’ To All Our Brothers & Sisters of the Craft!

Good Morning

I hope everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is having a very beautiful Wednesday morning. To all our brothers & sisters in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope you have a very blessed and beautiful Thursday morning to come. I just checked my trusty down-under calendar and they are still in bed down there. It is official 12:34 a.m., Thursday. And yes, I have a very trusty calendar for down-under or we wouldn’t have made it this far, lol!

Just a few quick notes. First, we weren’t on the internet yesterday because I had to make a trip to Brownsville, TN. They called Monday and told me that my aunt had fell and broken her arm and dislocated her shoulder. She was planning on coming up here and going back home to the Mountains with us for Yule. I guess she got afraid that she wouldn’t be able to go since she fell. I assured her if they could meet us half way, I would be there and bring her back up here. If you noticed the posts were sort of short Monday and that was due to the fact that I was in a hurry to get out of here to go pick her up. Even with them meeting us half way the trip still took three hours. We met in Brownsville, TN. We stopped at a restaurant and ate. My aunt is one medication that she has to eat with so we fed her. Then we got on the road back home. That three hour trip turned into a 4 1/2 hour trip. She is in pain, so we did have to stop and let her stretch her little legs and take some pain medication for her arm and shoulder. It was late when we got back to Kentucky and after driving that long, I was pooped, to say the least. Yesterday, I slept in. Yeah right, my aunt was up at the crack of dawn trying to cook us breakfast. I asked her what she thought she was doing and she told me, “cooking breakfast.” Now imagine a one winged bird trying to fly, that is what she looked like trying to wheel all the pots and pans. I told her to go lay down and I would fix breakfast. After we ate and she took some of her medication, she was ready for a nap. I spent all day yesterday getting her settled in here for a few days. She might be small and elderly but brother, she is feisty. I just hope when I get that age, I have as much pep as she does.

After a long day, getting her settled in and things calmed down, Jacob and Joseph brought me this huge box. It was wrapped in gold paper with a huge red box on top of it. It was suppose to be my Yule present but they insisted that I open it before Yule. I did and I was shocked to no end. Inside the box was the most beautiful ritual robe, I had ever seen. The boys told me that while I was off the internet for something, they made a post and told you what happened to my old ritual robe. They told me that they asked you for donations to buy me another one. I have to tell you, this robe it absolutely beautiful. It is a long, flowing black robe with silver trim down both sides in the front and it has a draped hood. It is absolutely gorgeous, words cannot begin to describe it. It took my breath away and when they told me you helped them buy this gorgeous robe, as usual I cried. I have never seen people who are so loving and kind as you. Thank you for the beautiful robe. I learned my lesson with the last one and I guarantee you, nothing will happen to this one. Thank you so very much. Every time I wear it, I will think of all of you and your love for me. Thank you again.

I am in the process of trying to figure out our schedule for the upcoming holidays. We are leaving Thursday afternoon to go back home for Yule. I love waking up on Yule morning and looking out the window and seeing the glorious Sun peek over the mountain tops. It is beautiful and it takes your breath away. It also gives me hope that Winter will eventually come to an end and our Sun will reign supreme once again. You just have to see it to believe it. That is one of the reasons I love going back home. Everything up there is so different from down here. It all seems so magickal up there. Yule night is extremely special, you can feel the magick in the air. It courses through your blood and you just want to explode with excitement of all that Yule brings and means to us.

But back to the schedule…..I believe today after the regular daily posts, we are going to do the Litha posts. Then tomorrow, we will do the Yule posts for the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere runs a day ahead of us. So they will have their special Litha posts today and tomorrow, you will have your special Yule posts. Since we are leaving Thursday and won’t be here for Yule, we are hoping this will tide you over for a day or two. If the internet is working up there, we might try to make a post or two on Sunday and Monday. My aunt wants to stay up there till after Christmas. Yes, she is Pagan but still wants to stay up there till after Christmas. The kids get presents on Yule and then they get more on Christmas. Darn, I wish my family had done me that way, gee some kids have all the luck. But right now, it looks like we will be gone Yule, that Saturday, Sunday & Monday, we will try to post something then, off December 25 and on our way back home the evening of the 25th. You think you are confused what do you think about me, lol? Hopefully, they aren’t calling for snow, so we will be back December 26th. Then my aunt has decided she is going to be here till after the New Year.

It just dawned on me why I don’t look forward to the holidays. Drive for 4 to 5 hours, get there, then you run from one house to the next. Everything is hurry up, we got to get this done, we have to see this one or else they will get their feelings hurt. Heck, the holidays are a lot of work. But I enjoy them and of course, we are going to have a Yule ritual up there as well. I know now why the boys were insistent that I open the package before Yule. They wanted me to wear the new robe for the ritual up there. It is stunning and I will be extremely careful with it. Also it will remind me of how much each of you love me. I just thought of it, by wearing the robe, I will be carrying each of your spirit with me and during the Yule ritual. This Yule is going to be very special indeed. Thank you again, my precious family.

Well I guess that is all I have to say right now. I apologize for us not being around for Yule. But I am sure you can understand, everybody likes to go home for the Holidays and I am no exception. Keep the home fires burning for me and we will probably see you on the net Sunday and Monday (depending on their internet service) and will be back the 26th. With that said, let’s get this party started……

Love ya,

Lady of the Abyss