Animal Spirit Guides Associated with the Element Earth

Earth Element

ANT: team work; persistence; focus. Order, Discipline. Industrious. Tireless.
Planning and seeing future needs. Seeing plans bear fruit slowly over time. Not being discouraged or daunted by the task. Patience. Knowing how to work with others. Community-minded. Co-operation. Working for the common good. Not letting one’s ego get in the way of the group. Being patient with one’s own and others’ efforts. Appreciating being in a team. Looking out for others.

BADGER: safe base; determination; assertion. Persistent working towards
achieving goals, especially in creating a home and safe base. Digging in. Getting down to it. Getting the job done. Overcoming apathy. Organizing one’s home. Orderly environment and day-to-day living. Managing time efficiently. Protecting privacy. Protecting the home. Self defense. Not being overawed by others; standing one’s ground. Willing to fight for what one wants. Knowledge of healing herbs. Persisting to find a cure.

BEAR: introspection; protection whilst healing. The energy of the cave; going deep within to renew and heal. Ability to hibernate. Healing oneself, or nursing others. Grounding and protection whilst one heals. Knowing that time heals. Knowing the value of silence and solitude. Finding the answers within oneself. Inner resources. Caution and reflection. Knowing when to withdraw and when to fight.

BEAVER: building one’s dreams; making it happen. Remembering what one wants. Believing one can do it. Acting on one’s plans. Being able to create the environment one wants. Using the resources that are available. Getting what one wants without aggression. Gentle persistence. Teamwork. Industrious energy. Taking on big jobs in bite-sized chunks. Living and working in harmony with the environment.

BUFFALO: gratitude and abundance. Overcoming poverty-consciousness and feelings of isolation. Appreciating how the earth supports and provides. Giving thanks. Feeling part of the herd, tribe and ancestors. Clearing the path for our success and prosperity. Appreciation of the sacred. Feeling connected to (mother) Earth and (father) Sky. Grounded spirituality. Respect for all life. Living in harmony with nature and spirit. Generosity of heart.

DEER: gentleness and sensitivity. Knowing how to be gentle with others. Open hearted. Loving kindness. Empathic understanding. Emotional sensitivity. Compassion. Appreciation of the wounded child. Vulnerability. Humility. Building trust. Moving with great peacefulness, calmness, care and patience. Keen perception. Clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities.

DONKEY: shouldering responsibility; knowing when to say ‘no’. Perseverance. Determination. Tireless work. Willingness to accept
responsibilities and burdens when necessary. Carrying burdens with ease.
Willingness to help others when needed. Knowing when to not take on too much, or be led against one’s will. Strong sense of self and boundaries. Not allowing oneself to be pushed beyond one’s limits. Knowing when we can or cannot handle something.

ELEPHANT: ancient wisdom; connection to kin and ancestors; grounding. Strength. Power. Recovering memories and ancestral wisdom. Knowledge of lineage. Respect for elders. Telepathic communication over distances and across time. Communication with ancestors. For remembering what
is important. Inclusive leadership. Concern with the welfare of all. Loyalty.
Affection. Respect for others. Concern for others welfare, especially the elderly, vulnerable and children. Right action. Responsibility.

GIRAFFE: perspective on the past, present and future: dignity. Being able
to sense what lies over the horizon. Farsightedness. Clear sense of where one is going, where one has come from, and where one is now. Realising how far one has come. Setting sights on the path ahead. Taking stock of one’s life from all angles. Grounded, yet spiritual, perspective. Holding ones head high. Moving forward with grace and poise. Calmness. Serenity. Gentleness. Not stooping to gossip.

GORILLA: strength; gentleness; groundedness. Accepting responsibility.
Caring for family and friends. Loyalty to loved ones. Respect. Empathy.
Selflessness. Generosity. Compassion. Sensitivity. Using one’s strength and power only for the good of the group. Defending the family. Good parenting. Nobility. Intelligence. Knowledge of plants and herbs.

HEDGEHOG: healthy balance between openness and defence. Knowing
when to withdraw and when to be vulnerable. Caution when needed; being open when appropriate. Overcoming prickliness and unapproachablness. Being completely safe in oneself when under attack. Being open but knowing when to draw boundaries. Defending self without being aggressive. Knowing how to honour and protect one’s personal space. Psychic protection.

HORSE: freedom: travel; friendliness; joyfulness. Exploring new directions.
Moving on. Overcoming constrictions and limitations. Courage to break free. Getting to where one wants to be. Running free. Sense of adventure. Safe and confident traveling. Free-spiritedness. Self-empowerment. Stamina. Individuality. Big hearted. Warm hearted.. Sociability. Enjoying connection with others. Loving contact. Sense of belonging and connection. Open-heartedness.

MOLE: exploring hidden parts of the self. Skilfully moving and
exploring below the surface of things. Unearthing what is hidden in the subconscious that keeps one from being truly happy and well. Getting to
the root of problems or issues. Guardian of the lower realm. Caretaker of the earth. Profound ease with, and understanding of, the earth element. Knowledge of, herbs, roots, seeds and minerals. Introspection. Keeping to oneself. Pathfinder and path maker. Finding ways round obstacles.
Sensitivity to touch and vibration. Healing touch. Clairsenscience.

MOUNTAIN GOAT: climbing over obstacles; scaling the heights. Surefooted. Independent. Diligent. Knowing pathways to new realities. Sticking to life challenges. Reaching for the stars whilst staying grounded. Bringing dreams into reality by perseverance and keeping focused on the prize. Establishing resources needed to attain goals. Keeping momentum going even when things seem difficult or impossible. Protection in difficult times. Flexibility. Scaling the heights, spiritual, mental, emotional or material. Ability to land on one’s feet. Receiving rewards and recognition for ones life’s work.

MOUSE: attention to small details; scrutiny. Understanding details.
Discovering things that may otherwise be overlooked. Thinking out a strategy before acting. Making a journey step by step. Attaining large things by working on the little things. Always assessing the environment. Moving extremely quickly when needed. Organizing things. Ability to be unseen and unheard. Quietness. Ability to hide in times of danger. Cycles of 4 to 6 weeks.

RABBIT: gentleness; abundance; fertility; bounty. Creating abundance in life. Sense of bounty and plenty. Confidence in one’s ability to manifest what one needs. Taking advantage of opportunities. Knowing the earth will provide. Trust in gentle ways. Non-violence. Thriving without aggression, ego, or drawing attention to self. Not being paralyzed by fears. Knowing where safety lies. Contact with the fairy realms.

SALAMANDER: power of regeneration and healing. Cellular re-patterning.
Renewal and re-growth. Help with transformation and transmutation. Delving below the surface. Finding what needs to be changed. Restructuring old patterns, and ways of being, from the unconscious. Shape shifting. Being able to move between the worlds. Help through dreams. Lucid dreaming.

SQUIRREL: preparing for the future; integrating work and play. Storing
resources. Putting things in order. Being prepared. Foresightedness. Being
productive. Gathering only what is needed. Discard the unnecessary. Discovering new things. Resourcefulness. Balancing work with socializing. Ability to solve puzzles. Awareness of surroundings. Quick changes of direction. Knowing when to run. Ability to hide.

WILD BOAR: finding a way through; making a path. Finding a way through
difficulties, breakdown or madness. Fearless guide through trials and tribulations. Knowing that one can face life-problems and emerge triumphant. Ferocious self protection when needed. Discovering self-reliance and spiritual strength. Connection to the earth and nature. Fertility and abundance. Tapping into one’s wild, primal power.

TORTOISE: grounding; patience; slowing down. Staying centered despite
distractions. Moving with slowness, deliberation and focus. Calmness. Focus. Refusing to be hurried or flustered. Efficiency and economy of movement. Patient persistence. Perseverance. Self-reliance. Stability. Knowing that true stability lies within oneself. Inner security. Feeling at home and safe wherever one is. Strong connection to the earth.

ZEBRA: transcending preconceived ideas; tolerance: open-mindedness.
Overcoming, rigid, black-and-white thinking. Questioning group beliefs and  prejudices. Seeing the truth beyond social or family conditioning. Letting go of projections. Being comfortable with shades of meaning and ambiguity. Integration of complexity and contradiction within oneself. Ability to balance opposites. Maintaining individuality in group settings. Tolerance of other views and opinions. Harmonious social interaction. Togetherness, positive regard and cooperation.


EARTH DRAGON: feeling safe and at home on the earth. Guardian of riches and abundance. Self-discovery. Discovering the riches at one’s core. Discovering one’s deepest power and true inner beauty. Awakening one’s latent possibilities. Finds the parts of the soul that have been hidden. Self-actualisation. Taking one’s rightful place in the world. Self-worth.  Becoming fully-grounded. Manifesting one’s potential in the world. Being at home with earth. Knowing the power of the land. Bridge to elders wisdom.

GREEN MAN: The power of regeneration, renewal and rebirth. The spirit,
energy, presence, life-force, that is inherent in every cell of the plant realm. Transmitted to the animal/human realms through the foods we eat, the flowers we smell, the grass we walk on, the trees we hug, the herbs we use. Being able to take energy from the sun. Strong connection with the plant world. Re-growth after too much ‘civilization’. Reconnecting with the wild. For city-dwellers, and those who have lost touch with the natural world



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