Animal Spirit Guides Associated with the Element Air

Air Element

BAT: transition; rebirth; at home in the dark. End of a way of life, beginning
of the new. Gracefully allowing the old to leave one’s life. Finding a way through the process of change. Navigating through dark times. Knowing that dark timesnbring new opportunities. Facing one’s shadow side. Healing old, unresolved issues. Ability to see hidden things. Trusting one’s ‘other’ senses and intuitions.

BLACKBIRD: finding one’s voice, clear communication. Singing. Using sound and voice to heal or to clear energy. Calls one to wake up and see the magic around one. Noticing the spiritual in the mundane. Increases connection with nature. Ability to remain grounded whilst walking a spiritual path. Aids in shamanic journeying and channelling. Pathfinder to the middle and lower worlds.

BUTTERFLY: going with the flow; joy; lightening up. Not taking life too
seriously. Graceful and joyful change. Realizing change does not have to be heavy and traumatic. Transmutation. Moving on. Not being bogged down. Lightening ones load. Enjoying the dance of life. Keeping moving and changing. Trusting to the winds.

CONDOR (VULTURE): death; rebirth; purification. Transformation.
Transmutation and renewal. Making new life out of the old. Clearing out what is dead and finished. Trusting that we will be provided for. Knowing how to use what is provided. Going with the flow. Resourcefulness and patience. Effortless movement. Working with the environment. Calmness. Soaring above our limitations and everyday life.

EAGLE: higher perspective, soaring above earthly concerns. Gaining clarity
and perspective. Transcending the mundane. Rising above attachments and petty concerns. Seeing the bigger picture. Focusing on what is really important in a situation, and in life generally. Rising above judgements and prejudices. Piercing through to the truth of a situation. Spiritual vision. Connecting with Spirit. Awakening to ones spiritual nature.. Patience and acceptance.

FALCON: effective action, perfect timing. Mental quickness. Speed. Agility.
Decisiveness. Precision. Grace. Control of speed and movement. Watching.
Waiting. Patience. Recognizing opportunities. Knowing when to strike. Success through quick, decisive and well-timed action. Seeking out and obtaining the things that you need and desire. Clarity of mind.

GOOSE: finding one’s way; direction and purpose. Call to search out new
worlds and dimensions. Spiritual quest and journeying. Breaking free from home and the familiar; setting off on one’s quest. Travel – either in body or in mind. Expanding one’s horizons. Cooperation and group exploration. Togetherness. Companionship and fidelity. Looking out for others. Compassion. Knowing when to lead and when to follow. Taking one’s place in the community. Harmony with seasons and cycles.

GROUSE: return to the spiritual centre. Travelling to the Still Centre of all
things; returning revitalised and with insights. Seeing the energetic and spiritual nature of all things. Seeing through the illusion of separation. Clarity of vision. Healing through (spiral) dance and movement. Joyful reconnection to: others; community; real self; spirit. Creative union of opposites. Sacred marriage. Fertility.

HAWK: clear vision and perspective; spiritual integrity. Seeing the overview. Awakening to one’s higher truth and spiritual consciousness. Ripping out what does not honour one’s integrity. Movement between the realms. Ease of travel to the upper worlds. Alertness to messages and omens. Mental and spiritual strength, clarity and energy. Discrimination. Seeing with clarity. Piercing through illusions. Prophetic insight.

HERON: patience; dignity; self-esteem. Self-reliance. Maintain balance and
focus. Moving with slow, deliberate action. Persistence when others would give up. Waiting patiently for what one needs. Taking the time necessary to reflect. Seeing through emotions (water), picking out what is important. Refusing to be hurried. Enjoying own company. Independence. Ability to stand alone. Being clear about boundaries. Knowing the right time to act. Decisive action. Assertiveness. Claiming what is ours. Strength of convictions.

HONEYBEE: sweetness; abundance; productivity. Fertility. Remembering to
enjoy the sweet things from work and life. Making one’s lives fertile and
productive. Fulfilment from pursuing one’s dreams. Purpose and motivation. Knowing one has to go out and get what one wants. Knowing when to move on without lingering or regret. Finding one’s ‘honey’.

HUMMINGBIRD: joyful living; finding magic in life. Wonder and delight.
Celebration of life. Seeing the magic and beauty around one. Lightening up. Finding the joy in situations. Ease in facing unresolved issues. Clearing away heaviness, emotional residues, and unfinished business. Space clearing. Ease during transitions and travel. Understanding the use of flowers in healing. Connection to nature spirits and the fairy realms.

MOTH: Finding one’s way in the dark; messages from the otherworlds.
Comfortableness in the dark. Ability to find a way from the darkness back to the light. Ability to go into the unconscious and other realities to bring back messages. Psychic sensitivity and abilities. Telepathy. Intuition. Ease with solitude. Camouflage. Lack of ego. Discretion in speech. Working behind the scenes. Hidden beauty and talents.

OWL: accessing and acting upon one’s highest wisdom. Navigating through dark times. Finding one’s way through to wisdom and light. Facing things that need attention. Clairvoyant and clairaudient. Enhances intuition. Ability to know things that are hidden to others. Hearing not just what others say, but the meanings behind the words. Enhanced clarity of mind. Seeing and knowing the truth. Speaking truth with a compassionate voice.

PEACOCK: confidence; self-esteem; knowing one’s beauty and worth.
Authenticity and authority. Walking with dignity. Comfort in the spotlight. Ensuring one is heard and noticed. Finding one’s voice. Getting the recognition we deserve. Clairvoyance. Seeing things clearly. Voicing one’s own truth and viewpoint.

PIED WAGTAIL: reassurance and comfort; soothing. Protector of lost
children, of the lost inner child, and of those who care for children. Letting go of fearful thoughts. Keeping grounded and close to the earth. Connection to earth and ancestral kin. Healing one’s relationship to family and the earth. Knowing one belongs, and is loved and cared for.

ROBIN: optimism; recovery from trauma. Rebirth and renewal.Springtime, new growth and beginnings. Sowing new seeds for the future. Changing areas of life that are stagnant and outdated. Making changes with joy in our hearts. Letting go of one’s personal dramas. Growing up. Being able to be a loving parent, to oneself or others. Joy and new hope. Restoring faith within one’s heart. Moving forward with self belief, confidence and courage.

RAVEN: knowledge of the other realms. Understanding the deeper significance of signs, signals and synchronicities. Exploring the unconscious and hidden areas. Developing awareness by making the darkness conscious. Mysticism and magic. Death of the old self. Rebirth. Shapeshifting. Seeing through the illusion of surface appearances. Understanding how the self and the universe are multidimensional. Stepping outside time. Moving between the realms. Transmutation. Waking up to spiritual reality.

SPARROW: joyfulness; optimism; self-esteem. Knowing your innate own self-worth. Not being intimidated by authority. Pride in just being oneself. Nobility in simplicity. Celebrating one’s ‘ordinariness’. Pluckiness. Happiness. Taking joy in everyday life. Friendliness. Optimism. Spiritedness in adversity. Freedom From worry. Trust in own abilities. Knowing one will survive. Knowing that things will be alright.

WREN: knowing that small is beautiful. Self-esteem in one’s smallness.
Discovering the power of one’s voice. Fearlessness. Not being intimidated because one is small. Brings gift of song and cheerfulness. Being able to get on quietly with one’s own life. Being able to be unobtrusive when one wants. Slipping easily through obstructions. Mythical…

AIR DRAGON: clarity; insight and awareness. Clarifies thoughts and ideas.
Uncovers hidden thoughts, buried messages and denied knowledge. Frees the mind from dogma, delusion, judgements, prejudices and faulty thinking. Liberates imagination. Stimulates the intellect. Frees the breath.

PEGASUS: humility; wisdom; spiritual perspective. Ability to fly over any
situation. Rising above one’s stuff (ego, prejudices, anger, fears, judgments, attachments etc). Spiritual inspiration. Purity of thought. Right action. Seeing the spiritual and goodness in situations and in all beings. Bridges the mundane and the spiritual realms. Aids travel in to the upper worlds



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