We Made an Error At Magickal Necessities, Our Mistakes Saves You More Money!

We made an error and due to this, you now save even more money. We stated earlier that the entire store was 20% off. That was incorrect. We should have said take an additional 20% off all your purchases at checkout. Due this error, we are now offering our customers a 25% discount due to our mistake. This discount will show up at checkout. Use the code: Autumn. Our mistake, more savings for you. Shop today!


The 25% discount is guaranteed to show up at the time you checkout by using the code: Autumn

Magickal Necessities

*One more thing, since the storefront has been remodeled, if you are having a difficult time finding our merchandise, go to the end of the top menu and you will see, “More.” Click there and a list of all our merchandises’ categories falls right down for your convenience*