‘Twas The Night Before Samhain

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‘Twas The Night Before Samhain

T’was the night before Samhain and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring except for my spouse.

The incense it burned in his cauldron so black,
For Witchcraft and magick he’d a wondrous knack.

The Circle was drawn with the athame of power.
The Guardians were called to each Quarter tower.

The Lord and the Lady attended our rite,
In wonder and glory and power and might!

The Dearly Departed came as our guests,
To live once again, after their rest.

We bid them goodbye with a tear in our eye;
Such a lovely presence of Loved Ones so nigh…

The candles danced in the flickering light,
With the Great Rite we bid them all a good night.

The Guardians thanked have all sped away.
The Lord and the Lady, thanks for the day.

The night before Samhain, Gods bless this house,
A Circle of Wonder ’round me and my spouse.

(~Author Unknown)

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    Ok I’m a day late with this post sort of as in some places Samhain is celebrated as a 2 day festival starting October 31st and ending November 1st. Why? Read the post below for more information and Happy New Year dear ones!!


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