Good morning to all of the WOTC this Wednesday morning.

As you can imagine, today is not a very cheerful day here. I know Lady A told you what she had to tell you. She left here crying and told me to take over. Her heart is not only breaking but all of our hearts are also breaking for her and Kade both. We love them both very much and there is nothing we can do. We have all agreed with whatever decision she makes we will go along with her. She has lost too much in the last year and half, if she decides the operation for Kade sounds good and has a good outcome, we will back her decision. I know personally the WOTC has always been her baby. She founded it and fought for years and years and the possibility of losing it, has to be killing her. It is a no win situation for Lady A.

It is indeed a very sad morning here,


One thought on “Good morning to all of the WOTC this Wednesday morning.

  1. This is a sad day indeed. I send love and light to all. May a positive outcome happen in regards to all the issues that are being experienced.


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