Good Sunday Morning To All of the WOTC! May You Have a Very Beautiful & Blessed Day!

Good Morning Friends
Good Sunday Morning, all! Wouldn’t it be lovely to open your window, feel the fresh Autumn breezing blowing against your skin and not a worry in the world. HA! Not around here, that is only some fantasy that I am waiting to come true. I woke up this morning and literally jumped out of the bed. I had a huge brown recluse spider sitting on the pillow next to me. Now if that isn’t something to wake up to, I don’t know what is.

I know the Goddess put all her creatures on this planet to serve a purpose. What is the recluse’s purpose? Who knows? I haven’t found it out yet. I had a bad experience a long time ago with the recluse spider. I use to refinish antique furniture. I had a brass bed headboard that had to be stripped of all the old paint that was on it. So I took it out into the backyard were I wouldn’t get high off the flumes. I placed it next to a metal clothes line post. I started to strip the paint off the headboard. I noticed some burning on my leg but I thought it was because of the stripper had accidentally splashed on my leg. The pain got worse and worse. I stopped, went in and took a shower. I noticed my left leg was a bit red and swollen. Didn’t think anything about it because stripper will do that. The next day I got up, my leg was red from my foot all the way up to my knee and hard as a rock. I immediately went to the doctor and come to find out, I had stepped into the den of a bunch of recluse spiders. I went through many an injection, drainings and the such. The doctor thought I was going to lose my leg because I developed blood poisoning in it. After six months of treatment on my leg, I was finally out of the woods. I still have one heck of a scar on my ankle from these lovely little creatures. So you can see now why I jumped out of the bed when I saw one on my pillow this morning.

I have now since discovered that the men yesterday doing the yard work ran into a nest of these nasty spiders. Did they get the spray and kill these little beggars? No, instead they just knocked the nest down and spiders went flying everywhere. Since I now know that and I am highly allergic to this little monsters, we are taking the day off to spray every building on the property. You spray the outside then you spray the inside. When you spray the inside, you cannot stay in the building for so many hours. The guys have already got their sprayers and are ready to go. I told them the first place to hit was my cabin. Soak it down, I didn’t care. Next will be the office then the warehouse. They don’t know it yet but they are also going to cover the grass for those little demons. You can tell how much I love these little spiders.

Now you know why we are not on the internet today. I hope you can understand. The doctors did tell me since I had so many bites and got blood poisoning from the spiders the first time. That if I was ever bitten again it could kill me. Since my luck has been running so good in the past year, I think to be on the safe side, it is best to get the place sprayed and we will resume normal operations tomorrow. I apologize for the inconvenience but I really don’t want to die anytime soon.

Our schedule for next week looks fairly normal. There is only one day on the calendar that I see we will be off the internet and that is Tuesday. I have a doctor’s check-up that day. It is to make sure the new medicine is still controlling my spleen condition. Oh, yeah, for the new ones here, you have no idea what kind of year I have had. I won’t go into it because it would bore you to tears.

Anyway that is the low down on why we are not on the internet today, we are killing little brown spiders. We will be back tomorrow, then off Tuesday for my doctor’s appointment. Besides that the week looks pretty normal. Whatever normal is for us, lol!

Got to run for now, the guys are getting ready to spray.

Have a great Sunday,

Lady of the Abyss


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4 thoughts on “Good Sunday Morning To All of the WOTC! May You Have a Very Beautiful & Blessed Day!

  1. This the same time last year I wound up in the hospital with pneumonia. So this at the first sign of a cold I’m taking better care of myself with rest, sleep, lots of fluids, using nebulizer to keep lungs clear. I feel a lot better but taking one more day off work. With bad allergies lowering my immune system and being a cashier I handle germy dirty money and have people that are rude by not covering their mouth when they cough or sneeze and that’s how I wind up sick.
    Have fun on your spider hunt!
    Love ya,


  2. Hey sis,
    You really should have an Epi-Pen as a precaution in case the guys miss a couple of those brown devils. Spiders…SHUTTER! Let me know what the doc says. I’ve been down with a cold since Thursday but starting to feel better. I don’t want a repeat of last October. Boy aren’t we a pair? A pair of what I have no idea LMBO
    Love ya,


    1. Well I was wondering where you were? Now I know. You know you are looking more and more alike to have a bubble in your life very shortly. I don’t know if an Epi-Pen would help or not. It might prolong the inevidental, me croaking. The time when I almost lost my leg, I ended up taking spider venom as a cure for the whole mess. I know it scared Jeremy to death because the doctor told me that was the only dose of it I could ever take. The next time, I would just die. He was a very encouraging doctor to say the least. I bet he drained the scar I have left on my ankle he drained at least six times. This is the first year we have had a bad case of the recluses. I kept a hoard of writing spiders and they hate recluses. They kept them thinned out and I never saw one in the house. My helpful neighbor came over and sprayed shrubs for me to get rid of those nasty looking spiders (the writing ones). I had them everywhere, now thanks to the neighbor they are gone. I guess next I will go on a spider hunt for the good spiders and tell the neighbor to stay the hell out of my yard. So how long have you been sick? It is awful early again for you being early this sick. How did you catch the bug so early. This is suppose to be a bad winter. I hope you get your flu shot shot this year. With your luck if you don’t, I am going to put you in that bubble. I would love to see a winter were we both stayed healthy. Heck I can’t stay awake this morning. So if this makes no sense, you know what the matter is. Take care of yourself would you.
      Love ya,


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