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    There are a few families of witches that make up a coven, but no outsider is allowed at gatherings not even a witch that married into the family. The children of these couples would be allowed to attend gatherings. That is why in certain witches bloodlines there are a lot of inter family marriages.


    1. In traditional hereditary Pictish witchcraft, a very complex system of kinship was used to define membership of a triune coven. An ‘iniusticc’ or ‘princess’ was raised as third member of such a covenant, consisting of mother’s mother’s sister_A [crone], mother’s mother’s sister_B’s daughter [matron], and self [maiden, future ‘iniusticc_1’]. She would choose a Sun-king for a period as her consort, and as life tended to be a cavalcade of battles, as each Sun-king was dispatched, she would replace him with progressively younger brothers. The eldest daughter of the third union would have magical powers, and would in old age become the new ‘crone’, attracting her sister’s daughter [matron] and another sister’s grand-daughter [maiden, future ‘injustice_2’]. The son of the first Sun-king was the ‘Tanist’, whose grandsons might qualify as prospective suitors for the younger ‘iniusticc_2’, and if chosen became the new Sun-kings consecutively until their respective deaths in battle or disappearances in the Wilds, and wholly subject to the pleasure and rule of their Lunar-bride, earthly representative of The Goddess, the Anima Mundi.

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