About the WOTC’s First Full Moon Ritual for Tuesday, September 24th

As you know a few months ago, I became a High Priestess for two covens in Eastern Kentucky. The purpose of this was so the two covens could join together and become one. The only person they could decide on that could accomplish this was me(lucky dog!). They all knew me and they all watched me grow up. They knew also I had been trained as a High Priestess during the many years of being a Hereditary Witch. I can tell you truthfully being down here and a HP up there hasn’t been an easy task. The last time we went up there to settle an argument about them not having Full Moon and Sabbat rituals because there was no HP, I hope we solved that situation. At least we are going to find out tomorrow night. We took them two of our computers and I told them I would do the rituals online. Well that didn’t make them happy. Then I suggested that we have a stand in for me and she could cast the ritual and it would be written out and all she would have to do is read it from the computer, say it and do it. That they did agree upon, for this time. They did throw a fit about my presence not being there for Samhain and Yule. I told them I would try to work something out. If I go up there on Yule. I will get snowed in and you won’t see me to next Spring.

Just a little background on why this ritual is occurring tomorrow night and besides I think as a group, we could us it also. I believe anyone who attends will find it powerful, enriching and a new found dedication and love in your heart not only for the God and Goddess but also for our fellow witches.

Here are the items that you will need if you would like to attend tomorrow’s ritual:

A chalice with fresh water in it
A dish of salt
Pentacle disk
Sword or dagger
Incense holder
Incense(one of your choosing)
4 Element Candles (in Celtic magick the colors are red for east; white for south; grey for west and black for north). If you prefer to stick to the standard candle colors used in Witchcraft or Wiccan that is fine with me.
A Cord


The ritual starts at 7:00 pm tomorrow night. We will have a brief gathering before that starts at 6:45 pm. If you should be running late and want to come to the ritual, please feel free to do so. Just enter the room quietly is all I ask. ‘

To get the full experience out of the rituals, you need to say the lines that I say out loud in your own sacred space. There is a prayer at the start of the ceremony that I say for myself during that time I would ask that you send me your blessings and prayers. Nervous? Yes, I am use to doing rituals in real life, not on a computer. So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

But most of all remember…….

THE WOTC Rededication Ritual

Tuesday, September 25th
7:00 p.m central time
Brief gathering time at 6:45 p.m.
Where: The WOTC Chatroom

I should add the chatroom will be closed. If you do not have the link to the chatroom, you won’t find it. I figure this way we are guaranteed privacy and not interruptions from the mundane.

All are invited to attend.

I almost forget there is a break in the ritual for us to set up our altars. I have given you those details below so you will be prepare for it.

I am excited about this, I hope you are too and I look forward to having a good turn out tomorrow night.

Love & Hugs,
Lady of the Abyss

Altar set up:
*Place on or near your altar the following items, a chalice with fresh water in it, a dish of salt, pentacle disk, sword or dagger, wand, incense holder, incense(one of your choosing) and 4 Element Candles in Celtic magick the colors are red for east; white for south; grey for west and black for north).

This ritual has a very strong Celtic flare to it. If you have never experienced a Celtic ritual, this is one you shouldn’t miss. They are moving, powerful and call on the Ancient Ones to aid us in our ritual and empower us in our rededication to the Craft.


I just had someone tell me in the chatroom that the Full Moon is tonight. According to our astrologers and others, this Full Moon is bordering on the 24th and the 25th of this month. That is actually why it is so special. We couldn’t have picked a better time to have a Full Moon ritual!

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