The Power is Currently Out at the Office

Lady A sent Lynette and myself to the local hot spot with laptops in hand. We are currently sitting in the library parking lot of the next county over. For the last two days, they have been putting in new lines down the road from us. Both yesterday and today, the power went out like clock work. We were notified a head of time but we didn’t believe the outage would last for hours.

Lady A wanted us to let you know what was going on. She apologizes for the inconvenience but there is nothing she or anyone else can do. When the light company decides to lay new lines. They take out the entire area.

She also wanted us to wish you & yours a very Blessed & Bountiful Mabon. Perhaps it won’t take the rest of the year for them to finish but who knows when you are dealing with the light company.

Now that you have been informed what happened,

We wish you a very Plentiful & Bountiful Mabon,


Lady of the Abyss & the WOTC Staff