Your Love Horoscopes for Thursday, September 20th

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


With Mars now in rational Aquarius, it’s hardly surprising that the ‘part of us’ which wants to go out and get what we want is finding itself blocked by the logistics of reality.

While Venus pulls us towards the truth of our feelings, we are limited by our mind’s inability to free itself from our inhibitions or worries too. Yet, this is a chance to review, reflect and make sure that what we want is also what we need.



Intelligent love isn’t finding justification for not fancying someone, or panicking you haven’t met the right one. It’s all about understanding your own individual needs. Now is the beginning of new, transformative and electrifying relationship, whether single or attached.



What you’re going to be counting in the months to come is your blessings – for very soon, your long term goals for happiness will come true. So go discover a place where you can get excited about a new lifestyle, a new love or simply discover your spiritual home.



When you first fell in love, the text messages were non-stop. You weren’t sure if you wanted to keep your space or end up like everyone else and settle down. The planets unleash a realization that you will never be ordinary, but simply be at one with the one you love.



Now, the problem with romance, is that it doesn’t come bottled like a love potion. For a start, it requires two people and some chemistry. But with your ability to do the most surprising yet practical things on earth, this could be the week when your romantic streak is put to the test.



Stop chasing the very thing which constantly eludes you: happiness. In fact, the more you stay true to your own values of spiritual harmony and intelligent thinking, the more you will find that love becomes a joyful rather than just a ‘happy’ experience.



At last you know that if you don’t feel that kind of desire in your soul, then you’re not living your life to the full.  So if you’re not excited about something or someone, then this is a week to find that very trigger. It’s your right, and neither is it wrong to feel it.



You’re having to come to terms with the side of yourself which would secretly like to be more adaptable. Yes, you’re up for commitment, but you’re also up for a more laid-back approach to life. In fact, whatever comes to mind this week seems worth exploring. So let spontaneity take precedence and enjoy yourself.



This week, your partner seems to be on another planet. They talk less of what you will do together and more of their own future. Once this would have worried you, but now you’re beginning to realise there is always a gap. The love you seek is within yourself, and if you accept your separateness, mutual love will truly grow.



Right now, you have the chance to make impressive changes in your life. And you’re hardly the person to give up on yourself for the sake of approval.  Remember, true love doesn’t rely on a set of conditions, but on being loved for who you are. Let someone know this now.



The planets are giving you a taste for self-love, self-starting and any other positive ‘self’ word.  Make the most of this potent energy to get your relationship right or establish a new one. Be honest and logical, but also put your message across with real belief.



Someone special recently captured your heart. But you’ve felt a little frustrated that you may have lost your romantic touch. Now with renewed energy, it’s time to go out and revitalise all those ideals about love and make them real.



If you want to create more romance in your relationships, then why not? This week it’s time to get out and about with the one you love. What price trying so hard to make it happen, when your own desire nature will invite the passion to you?



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