Your Daily Chinese Horoscopes for September 14th, 15th & 16th

Boar Chinese Horoscope

 Friday, September 14, 2018
If you are a parent, your kids could be begging for some expensive art or craft supplies right now. You may be able to turn this into a valuable lesson about budgeting if you are creative in how you approach it. If you are not a parent, your love life could get complicated right now.


Tomorrow Boar Chinese daily:

A friend or companion could come to you to ask for your financial or moral support right now. If you feel that they are keeping a secret from you, it probably has something to do with their health, or with a spiritual crisis they have been going through. 

Day after tomorrow:

Today is not the best day to be making big financial decisions. You may feel confused or uncertain, and will lack focus or direction. Put off any risky decisions until you feel more clear and certain, or until you have better advice.

Dog Chinese Horoscope

Friday, September 14, 2018

You may find yourself in an order unusual work situation as a result of a miscommunication. If you keep an open mind and positive attitude you may find out that things turn out much better than you planned. Keep?an eye open for unusual opportunities.? 

Chinese Dog tomorrow horoscope:

You have to make some last-minute travel plan changes and you aren’t terribly happy about it. You will learn some important lessons right now about not counting on others for certain kinds of chores – someone close, possibly a child, may be the one who lets you down. 

Day after tomorrow:

Home and family issues seem to swirl about you right now, but you may find that it is very hard to get anyone to commit to the necessary changes that will bring growth and restore harmony. You cannot “make” things happen right now – so leave it be. It will resolve itself when the time is right.

Rooster Chinese Horoscope


Friday, September 14, 2018

It’s a perfect day for kicking back at home and doing absolutely nothing. Everyone should try it at least once a month. Just find a comfortable spot and park yourself there with some snacks and a good book or the remote control. You deserve a break, so indulge yourself. 

Rooster Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You need to pay attention to your body language. No, not the language of posture – the language of little aches, pains and discomforts, or sudden drops in energy, which are telling you that you need to make some rather significant dietary or lifestyle changes. 

Day after tomorrow:

If you can afford the time it is a good time to sleep in, relax, and spend some time in thoughtful prayer or meditation. Your inner self is tired of the rat race, and your spiritual batteries need a recharge. Find a nice big tree, get a book, and relax.

Monkey Chinese Horoscope

Friday, September 14, 2018

You and your significant other need some quality time together but one or both of your careers keeps getting in the way. Today you will figure out a compromise that helps you spend some time enjoying each other. If you are still single, work is not the best place to find someone new. 

Monkey Chinese Tomorrow horoscope:

You will be thinking about home, family or real estate concerns right now, and it may be hard for you to stay focused on your work. Your loved ones have a bunch of competing ideas, concerns or needs that are keeping you busy on the phone sorting out the tangled mess. 

Day after tomorrow:

You may find yourself rethinking some travel plans. Something says that now is not the right time, and you don’t have the right place. Be extra careful when driving right now, you will find that people are all driving like escapees from the looney bin

Ram Chinese Horoscope

Friday, September 14, 2018

Your intuition could lead you to an important new person who will make a dramatic impact on your life. One of your siblings or a neighbour could introduce you to a person, or to ideas that could enhance your life and improve your well being. 

Ram Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You may have to spend money on medications or herbal remedies right now. Be sure that you understand how different medications and herbs can react before you start any new treatment schedule. You will feel better if you know more about your own health. 

Day after tomorrow:

You may have something of a confrontation with an excited and agitated family member whose concern for the family’s children is a little “over the top”. You have my permission to say that your astrologer says to “Take a pill”. Tell them to relax, the sky is definitely not falling.

Horse Chinese Horoscope

Friday, September 14, 2018

You may find thatold issues or memories from childhood arise in a challenging manner right now. Don’t react to your fears and emotional reactions right now – this can be an incredibly healing and empowering moment if you have the strength to face it directly. 

Horse Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Not the best day to plan to sit behind a computer punching keys. The pesky device will seem to have a mind of its own. The rest of the scene at home is a lot more peaceful, but it might be a little dull. You may get a call from an older relative. 

Day after tomorrow:

You have lucky intuition regarding money or valuables right now. You may decide to take an unexpected detour and run across an incredibly good bargain, or throw one heck of a good yard sale right now. You have good ideas for your financial future too

Snake Chinese Horoscope

Friday, September 14, 2018

This is not the best day to make big changes to your house or place of residence. If you are planning a home move, keep the boxes. Chances are good you’ll be moving again soon, faster than your had planned. Buying or selling real estate could result in less financial gain than you hope. 

Snake Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Travel and commuting is likely to be a bit of a chore, even if it’s ultimately worth the effort. You may find that communication, paperwork and getting from one place to another seems a bit like wading through hip-deep molasses right at the moment. 

Day after tomorrow:

You are almost obsessively focused on learning right now. You may decide to start up a new home-study course, order a set of cassettes or books, and spend a lot of your off-time pouring over the books. This may not be a bad thing – it will be good for your self-esteem, for one.

Dragon Chinese Horoscope

Friday, September 14, 2018

The best way to take the edge off right now is to set aside some time for reading, surfing the Internet or calling up old pals long distance on the phone. You will be spending a lot of time discussing changes in people’s lives. There is a lot to catch up on. 

Chinese Dragon tomorrow horoscope:

You may be over-thinking things right now. Your mind is zooming around in circles and getting you nowhere. Take a break from trying to figure out how to fix things. Some time spent relaxing could give your mind the chance to let a solution bubble up to the surface. 

Day after tomorrow:

Your love life is about to get more interesting. You may find that some heavy flirting is going on. If you are single, this could be the start of a new romance. If you are in a relationship already, you may finally get some alone time together.

Rabbit Chinese Horoscope

Friday, September 14, 2018

You will be fighting inner demons, and while you are grappling with one, grab it by the toe and refuse to let go until it blesses you! What that means, is that you can’t run from your baggage. You have to deal with it – and when you do, you are rewarded with gifts beyond price. 

Rabbit Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You may be in the middle of a course of study, formal or informal, when it dawns on you that you are a little over your head. Actually, the truth is that you have been pushing yourself too hard and you could really use a break from your task. 

Day after tomorrow:

You may have to go out of your way to help a relative or loved one deal with their health or lifestyle problems right now. Maybe you can encourage them to have a better diet and get more exercise if you volunteer to join them in a new activity.

Ox Chinese Horoscope

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friends and companions are a big feature of the day. If you are hosting a party or gathering, make sure that there are toys, snacks, and treats for little ones, and a place for them to nap. Others may bring along their kids without notifying you. 

Ox Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You’ll be feeling uneasy or anxious about travel or commuting. If you can’t get someone else to drive for you and you can’t stay at home, remember that it is your own nervousness that is the most dangerous thing on the road. Overly cautious driving can be as dangerous as aggressive driving. 

Day after tomorrow:

You likely can’t do too much about the work-stress you are still feeling right now, and throwing yourself into your chores may or may not be much help. You’ll feel a lot of energy that is hard to express positively right now. A friend or group of friends could help by dragging you out of the house.

Rat Chinese Horoscope

Friday, September 14, 2018

Sudden changes in career or social connections will bring you unexpected ideas. Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves right now. You have high energy and people want to be around you, even if they can’t say exactly why. Follow your gut feel. 

Rat Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Financial and career changes are in your favor, but you may have to make some dramatic changes in the way you communicate with those “higher up” on the ladder of success. Someone may seek out your advice on a healthcare matter right now – be careful how you respond as they may take advice as criticism. 

Day after tomorrow:

You can’t seem to decide if you are joyous or miserable right now, and your conflicted moods are probably reflected in the mirror. People can easily read you right now, and the “come closer … no, stay away!” message you are giving out is confusing, though perhaps that is unavoidable.

Tiger Chinese Horoscope

Friday, September 14, 2018

Take some time to evaluate your career options if you are feeling bored, stressed or anxious right now. You may be resisting the very changes that would resolve a lingering financial or emotional problem. 

Tiger Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You may have a bit of a bump in the road of life as you travel along, especially if there are older women in the vehicle. In the non-metaphoric plane, do be careful with your driving if you are having heated discussions with loved ones. 

Day after tomorrow:

A friend, associate or coworker could put you into a tight financial spot, and you will be decidedly short-tempered and impatient with changes to the office budget. You might be looking at changing your own investments, and it would not be a good idea to take a friend’s advice without checking it out.


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