We have good news to share

Jacob is suppose to be released from the hospital today. It will be week tomorrow since his horrible accident. We have all missed his smiling face and wonderful spirit around here. We are excited that he is now well enough to come home. Lady A told us the doctors have come in and told them he was going to be released today. All of his tests came back looking good and now he is ready to go. They made him promise no more four wheeling, ever!.

We have several things we have to get done around here, not here at Lady A’s cabin. We are going to straighten it up and check her fridge. I know Lord M and Joseph have been running in and out to grab things for her. No telling what shape it is in. We plan on going to the grocery and purchasing some of Jacob’s favorite things and putting them in the fridge for him. Also something easy for Lady A to cook since she hates to cook.

We have asked Lynette to finish up the magickal symbols that Lady A started about a week ago. We have left another lady with her to help her navigate the “scary” site as she calls it. I am in hope she will finish the symbols for Lady A. If not, the other lady will.

I wanted to share the good news this morning that our boy is coming home today. I would like to express to all of you, thank you for your prayers and blessings you have sent to Jacob and Lady A.


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  1. Great!! I am so glad that he gets to go home; I’m sure he’s glad too, being stuck in the hospital is no fun- I know from first hand experience.

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