Up-date on Jacob’s condition

For those of you concerned, the doctors said the surgery for the bleeder in his head went well. He is now awake. He still comes and goes due to the pain medication. He is talking when he is awake. He asked Lady A to bring him an Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s. I have always heard that when a person starts to get their appetite back, their condition was improving. I hope this is true. The doctors said there more than likely there wouldn’t be any side effects from the bleeder. If it had been caught later, there probably would have been but right now they see no ill effects from it coming out now or later. Lady A has been sleeping at the hospital. She was sleeping in the lounge area for the ICU unit. They have moved Jacob out on the floor to another unit. In this unit, Lady A can stay in the room with him. They moved a bed in there for her to stay with him. I know she has shed a lot of tears in the past few days.

Jacob does not remember what happened. He keeps asking Lady A and his brother what happened. Both of them keep telling him he had a four-wheeler accident. But he doesn’t seem to remember the accident and he also asks them this two or three times a day. I am wondering if there is something the doctors haven’t caught. The doctors, however, keep telling us that is just something to be expected. The doctors told us that his brain cannot accept what happened to him and keeps rejecting it. That is why he keeps asking what happened. Let’s hope they are right. The doctors said he will be out of the hospital sometime next week.

Lady A told us to try to get back to normal around here. Joseph and Lady A are planning to stay at the hospital till Jacob is out. I know the day he was carried out of the woods, the first thing we thought was that he was dead. He looked so pale, his eyes rolled back in his head, it was awful. Jacob has been Lady A’s shadow since his mother passed away. When she saw him, I never felt so sorry for my dear sister. I know she had to think the same thing the rest of us thought, she lost it. She rode to the hospital with him in the ambulance and has been with him ever since.

Before they found the bleeder, he did wake up off and on. Lady A said the first thing he said was “Mom.” She broke down again and said, “yes baby, yes, I am here.” She said he grabbed her arms so tight and told her for the first time, “I love you, Mom.” Tears poured.

Right now, things are looking good for Jacob. Let’s continue to pray that he is on his way to a full recovery.