The WOTC’s New Posting Schedule

In order to cut back on our expenses we are announcing our new posting schedule. We hate to do this but currently we are working on a very tight budget. Due to this fact, we are forced to make some changes to our current financial situation improves. We have had to temporarily lay off several of the ladies that worked here. Most are volunteers but some of them were paid and now are laid off. We also decided to close the office on certain days to save on the electrical bill, water bill, internet bill (every month we exceed our usage and charge more for it) and several other expenses we have here.

We will be posting three days a week. Those days will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then we will have chat on Saturdays. We figure that posting on these days are the best day to be open. You have your horoscopes for the week and then on Friday, you have your horoscopes for the weekend. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you but till our financial situation improves, this will be our new schedule.

Lady of the Abyss is well aware of this announcement. In fact, she is the one who called the meeting via tele-conference. All of our operations and expenses have been coming out of her pocket. She has expenses of her own to meet, such as providing for her two sons and herself. She wanted our input into the situation and this what we all finally decided on.

Again, we will now be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and chat on Saturdays to things improve.

Lord of the Myst


2 thoughts on “The WOTC’s New Posting Schedule

  1. Thank you for the post; no worries, I truly understand about money and bills- We all have to make changes now an then. May all of you be blessed and have a great holiday weekend.

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  2. I will post on the other days of the week. Not all the usual daily posts but I will get something on the site. Please let Lady A know I’m happy to do this for her and WOTC.
    Blessed be,
    Lady B


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