Your Chinese Horoscopes for August 28, 29 & 30

Boar Chinese Horoscope

 Tuesday, August 28, 2018
You have some interesting thoughts and ideas right now, and people are really noticing you. You may be asked to write a paper or develop a proposal, and chances are you won’t have too much time to prepare. Be ready for a flurry of activity right now.


Tomorrow Boar Chinese daily:

Open mouth, insert foot. Close mouth, keep the peace. It’s as simple as that. No matter how smart or intuitive you may be right now, people won’t understand the message you want to get across. So it may be best to hold your peace until you are with a more supportive audience. 

Day after tomorrow:

The antics of a small child could brighten you mood. If you are a parent, you may hear good news about your child from a teacher or caregiver. Other children in your family could be a source of joy and unexpected wisdom right now.

Dog Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Money is the keyword for the day. You will be looking for ways to spend money, when you may need to be saving. Keep thinking “thrifty” right now and you may come across some significant bargains. Avoid impulsive spending though – especially where it comes to sporting goods or cars. 

Chinese Dog tomorrow horoscope:

If you are a parent, you need to get out with your kids, even though it is likely to take a good chunk out of your wallet. You need to have some fun yourself and there is no better way than indulging in some mindless fun, whether you have children handy or not. 

Day after tomorrow:

You are powerfully attractive right now, but it is a good idea to tread softly where you can. Some people may be attracted by their desire to get into arguments with you. In person, active listening can help. Online, know where to pick your battles.

Rooster Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A child or a young friend is looking to you for leadership. You have the opportunity to encourage or mentor someone with your own unique skills, talents or knowledge. Don’t be afraid to give of your time and insight. You can make a real difference. 

Rooster Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Pay attention to your health and well being. You are over-taxing your body system with stress and worries, and may not be getting enough sleep or exercise. You have to take better care of yourself. Don’t push yourself too much if you are traveling right now – you could over-do it and be stiff and sore tomorrow morning. 

Day after tomorrow:

You may be asked to lead or teach a bunch of children right now. You have a life experience that their parents find valuable, or a spiritual presence they find comforting. Your own inner child is crying out for the company of young people right now.

Monkey Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

You just want to have a good time. What could be so hard about that? Well, it could be that you are setting your standards a little too high, or you have not figured in all the costs, or the difficulty of getting where you want to go in the time you’ve got. 

Monkey Chinese Tomorrow horoscope:

Extremely positive changes are coming your way. You may have an “Aha!” moment, a sudden creative insight that shakes up the status quo in your life. You may find as a result that you have to do a lot of last-minute reading, studying or research. 

Day after tomorrow:

You will have good conversations right now and arguments right now, but chances are you’ll be chatting from dawn to dusk. Just be sure that you are discrete and don’t get your conversations mixed up. You don’t want to get caught in a personal gossip scandal.

Ram Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Some extra time may free up, but that does not automatically mean you need to fill it with a list of chores. You could use a little guilt-free recreation time. If you need permission, tell your inner child your astrologer said that you have astral approval. 

Ram Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Your mind may be playing tricks on you right now. It is a little hard to think because there is so much information floating around, and so much of that can’t be trusted. Remember the old Russian saying: “Trust but verify”? That will be especially important right now. 

Day after tomorrow:

Leave work at work, and take your time with friends and family as the blessing it will be right now. Don’t get too wrapped up in who said what or how things “should” go. You will enjoy yourself more if you relax and let go of any expectations.

Horse Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Someone could challenge you to restructure your financial priorities right now. If that at all frustrates you just keep in mind some recent warm, fuzzy good feelings and project all the passion, love and good will you can into the situation. 

Horse Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You may have some financial frustrations, likely related to your children or hobby expenses. Avoid the malls and leave the credit cards at home, because you may find yourself tempted into impulsive spending that you will come to regret. 

Day after tomorrow:

Arguments or disagreements with friends could be a good thing right now. All the cards will be on the table, in full view, and the two of you can decide as mature adults whether the problems can be overcome, or whether or not it might be time to agree to part the ways.

Snake Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

You could make new friends and meet new people right now. You may be invited to join a group, club or charity. Your interest in computers or the Internet could come in handy for a group of people who get together for the primary purpose of helping others. 

Snake Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Your home will be full of people right now, all of them with different ideas and strong opinions. The only thing that everyone can agree on is that things have to change, soon and dramatically. What they can’t agree on is how, when, and who will pay for it. 

Day after tomorrow:

You may get some good advice from a boss, employer or authority figure right now. You will be looking at alternative health care products, but there are hidden costs and dangers right now. You need to research your options carefully – don’t buy expensive therapies on impulse.

Dragon Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

You are full of wanderlust right now, but other responsibilities are conspiring to keep you at home. You may have debts, financial issues or work-related responsibilities that prevent a quick getaway. Paperwork does go more smoothly later in the day, and business trips will be challenging but successful. 

Chinese Dragon tomorrow horoscope:

An old friend you have not heard from in a while may call with news about a health problem. The condition may not be as severe or as long-lasting as it appears at first. There may also be alternative health care treatments another friend has tried. 

Day after tomorrow:

You may be called upon to organize a party, more likely a small gathering over pizza, beer and a movie than a big formal shindig. You will find that there are strange coincidences that allow you to get all the important people in the right place at the same time.

Rabbit Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The money is coming in again, or you have found some extra wiggle-room in your budget. Daily chores go quickly right now, and you can make the best use of the day’s energies if you focus on your own needs, particularly where it comes to healthy lifestyle choices. 

Rabbit Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You may be on the outs with a friend or companion of the opposite sex. There is an aspect of the “gender wars” in your chart and it may be you or your friend, but one is likely to see the other as something of a chauvinist. Try to keep an open mind if you are the one being critiqued. 

Day after tomorrow:

You are paying for some recent fun you had. It might be nothing more than a hang-over or the effects of lost sleep, but it may be that you have to pay for some over-indulgence in other ways. If you are spending too much on entertainment now is time to pull back a bit.

Ox Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

There are changes coming in your life because of paperwork, documentation or education. You may decide to put aside some money so you can take a course, get a degree, or travel so you can gain knowledge about your business competition. Keep an open mind about a wild idea you hear right now. 

Ox Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

Financial stress continues, but there are opportunities to change the picture if you are prepared to use a little personal creativity. You may face unexpected challenges from authority figures, but overcoming them is not the obstacle that you are fearing. 

Day after tomorrow:

If you are still single, a family gathering or get-together could be an interesting place to meet someone new, but be careful. You and a sibling or cousin could be competing for someone’s affections or there could be other challenges.

Rat Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

There are better aspects relating to home and family right now. You may be considering renovations or improvements. At the same time, though, there are challenges. It could turn out that the clean-up exposes something unhealthy in your home that has to be fixed, pronto! 

Rat Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

You may be thinking about changing something about the way you earn, save or invest right now, but keep in mind you will be incredibly impulsive, not at your most practical, and that hot deal you are excited about may not be as good as advertised. 

Day after tomorrow:

A loved one may ask you to travel or to take on some paperwork chores and this may interfere with existing plans. Use your intuition when dealing with an unexpected paperwork project. You may have a resource available that you are overlooking.

Tiger Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

You will feel more ebullient right now, more interested in speaking your mind, and just in time, too. There is a big high mucky-muck hanging around your office whose connections and authority you can make use of in your quest for personal success. 

Tiger Chinese tomorrow horoscope:

If you are still single, a friend or companion could be the key to brightening your love life. If they have not already introduced you to their other single friends, ask them if they know anyone else who is looking for romance. You could meet someone at a group or club. 

Day after tomorrow:

You may be extremely impulsive, energetic and impulsive right now. This is not the best day to spring for for a makeover, because you are likely to throw caution to the winds, and you could come to regret it. It’s a better day to put your energies into sports or other outdoor physical activities.