Your Weekly Love Horoscopes for August 13th

Your Weekly Love Horoscopes for August 13th

Sarah Bartlett, Author

From The Astrology Room


Just after a new moon a crescent, waxing moon is a marvellous time to seduce, charm and start afresh.

In fact, this waxing moon in glamorous Leo is giving us all the chance to show off a little. We may be a little frustrated by Mars’ back-tracking influence as it moves back into Capricorn, but it’s all about balance, isn’t it? This is a week to rethink our desires, yet see the way forward to manifesting those love goals in the near future.



Dull relating is where we make little effort.  It’s similar to the ‘can’t be bothered to look good’ attitude when we get into the routine of work and family life. Right now, you’re somehow ready to crusade again for pure romance with the one you’re with, or if single, with someone new. Time to embrace the passion of what we could call, extraordinary love.



Ask yourself these questions. Am I being lazy? Why don’t I make any effort with my relationships? Well, that’s the problem with laziness. It draws you into an inert place where you don’t know what your own true values are, and where individuality gets kicked out of town. So this summer, kick desire back into your life, and kick lassitude out.



This week, you begin to know what you desire rather than being a mere function of other people’s expectations. At last the ‘you’ in you is shining. At last you can love whole-heartedly because you have a wholeness about you. And whether single or attached, someone will love you for that too.



Like a few other signs of the zodiac, you thrive on committed relating. The container (the relationship), makes you feel secure and whole. But right now, you feel concerned if it’s right to go down that relationship road or not? Maybe your romantic spark has got lost in the 24/7 of co-habitation? For goodness sake remember you’re also a lover of romance too.



You’re beginning to notice that a rather laid-back loved one or partner is coming alive again. In fact, they have visions, imagination, a direction to follow and want you to join them on their travels. Wisely, commit yourself to no-one, just yet. Otherwise you may feel pulled away from your own pathway, and one which is about to lead you to great success.



We mostly see other people veiled by our own projections. We think some people may have oodles of self-worth, or others have not a jot. We wonder if we will ever be as desirable or content as they are. This week, you have the help from the cosmos to analyse your self-doubt and transform it into a strength that encompasses not only self-belief, but self-value too.



Although you might be the love of someone’s life, they need to respect your need for independence too. And if single, it’s time to put your trust in someone who has been waiting in the wings for a long time. Never forget, you live and breathe passion in your life, otherwise what’s the point of loving?



With a moment’s fear of abandonment, you are feeling quite erratic and unpredictable. And this week, your partner or admirer will feel uncertain about your intentions and what you really want for the long term. Is it emotional stress or emotional care that you want? You know which makes most sense. Calm down.



The problem with being an eternal romantic is you can’t remain inert and locked away from life.  For after all, when love is not passion, when love is not divinely crazy, it isn’t love really, is it? This week, it’s time to free yourself from your inhibitions and fear of being rejected. You deserve the best, and you’re about to get it.



Whether alone or coupled, it’s time to make it clear that your actions are borne out of love, rather than selfishness. You’re going through a period of personal change and you need to share that excitement with those closest to you. So step on the road to self-discovery.



You feel in a cul de sac about where your love life is going. You’re acutely aware of the issues, the swirl of polarities between what you want, what your partner wants, what you value and what’s politically correct. This week, you have no other choice but to take the plunge and get to grips with your deepest feelings.



Right now, one of those two unwelcome guests, ‘disappointment’ or ‘anger’ accompanies you on your daily comings and goings. And yes, you deserve a new lease of romantic life, but it hasn’t quite happened as it does in the movies. In fact, the cosmos is is simply saying, modify your grand romantic schemes and come down to earth.




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