Spirit Message of the Day – Speak With Your Spirit Guides

Goddess Hera

Spirit Message of the Day – Speak With Your Spirit Guides


“Ancient myths and legends tell of the Faery or Elven race. In many tales they are allies of mystics, witches, and shamans, and other seekers of the inner mysteries. Traditionally the doorways between the world of mortal kind and the faery realm open at the equinox and solstice periods. These kindred beings aer sKindred by Mickie Muellerpiritual allies who willingly work with mortals in order to ensure the balance between the worlds. What happens in one dimensional realm affects all others, and the state of the material world can have significant impact on non material realms.”

“This is why the kindred first came to teach mortals the ancient arts, and to establish certain secs as the caretakers or custodians of the material world. Among these sects are the pagans, druids, witches, occultists, and shamans. The card depicts four faery or elven beings. They appear in the light that emanate from their mystical realm. Each wears a circlet upon the forehead, denoting their office as teachers and guides to the inner mysteries.”

“The Kindred reveals that we are not alone in the Universe. Beings exist beyond and outside of the material realm. Spiritual fellowships exist that serve beings in earlier stages of evolution through the planes of existence. They spiritual beings within such groups are sometimes called spirit guides, guardians, and allies. Communication and interaction with these beings is possible through dreams and meditations. Forming rapport and relationships with spiritual beings is an aid to our spiritual evolution.”

Today’s message comes from The Seeker’s Guide To The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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