Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of August 5 

Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of August 5

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


With delightful Venus moving into laid-back Libra, we can perhaps all take a break from the tensions of life and live a little.

Time to show your flirtatious, carefree side and let love be unconditional too. Although Mercury is still retrograde and there may be delays and computers need fixing, this is also a time to reflect, restore self-belief, re-invent yourself and re-affirm your romantic intentions.



With the current planetary changes, you’re reminded that you’re a bit of a paradox: willing to give, but also withholding. Ask yourself these questions.  Is your life fulfilling? Are your true desires being met? Are you distant with others because you’re so insecure in yourself? Answer these questions honestly, and be rewarded.



Relationships are intriguing yet often frustrating when we have to guess how others feel about us, aren’t they? But now’s the time to take action, take the odd risk in love, or throw a little caution to the wind. The timing is right this week, and that means the enchantment which you truly long for can at last begin.




Single or attached, be prepared for a romantic debate this week. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or in the middle of a series of dates, make your needs clear to your partner or admirer. This is one of those weeks when sign-posts and new roads beckon. And love, unpredictable as it is, begins to appear down the pathway ahead of you.




It does seem that romance, glamour and perfect people are usually only found in fiction, and the real-life dance towards that ‘happy ever after’ ending is a road to disillusionment. But right now, a renewed acceptance of love’s strange ways means you begin to accept that a relationship is not an end in itself, but a never-ending journey of ups and downs.




As Venus still reminds you that life is about enjoying yourself, you now feel liberated and rebellious. But your partner or new admirer also begins to realise that you’re not just a fun-loving extrovert, but also a vulnerable soul who needs true respect for your extraordinary talents. So stir the ingredients of love and bring it all to life.




You and a lover or new admirer need to understand each other’s desires and decide whether a compromise can be found. However, if you both want it all your own way there’s little chance of ever coming to a satisfactory middle-ground. But if you can just put yourself in the other’s shoes, that kind of compromise will see rewards beyond your wildest imagination.




Venus stirs you back to romantic life as you cruise into a week of negotiating and fun-loving times. Personally, you know you’ve got to do something to make a relationship move forward.  But the next few weeks will give you time to define your love goals. So check out your true values and start loving from the heart.




There are admirers out there who are welcoming the chance to celebrate the new, self-motivated you. By the end of the week, you know what you want to change – your lifestyle.  The communication channels open again, and you can now ask the very questions you’ve been avoiding. Make sure you gently demand to be loved the way you truly want to be.




This week, it seems your need for personal space prevents true togetherness. The price is high, but the changing cosmic influence will give you the chance to probe the depths of your true intentions and follow them through. Make sure others know the real you, otherwise in the weeks to come, misunderstandings will abound.




If you’re willing to put up with the same old routine, then question whether you’re actually denying your right to some fun?  An attitude such as ‘I must take responsibility and show that I can make it alone,’ means you are denying the right to sharing and being loved too. By opening up to others, you’ll be liberated.




There’s some enlightening ideas coming through you right now. And that’s because you’re loving yourself, a little bit more, every day.  You’re slowly seeing that to take a chance on yourself, might actually make you feel secure inside. with Mars still retrograde in your sign, even though you feel a little defensive, you’re becoming a lot more self-contained.




People seem full of themselves, lovers eager to take control, and you, perhaps still fooling yourself that you don’t need to take a risk here and there. But you do. This is a week when you begin to truly know what matters to you. It’s also a time when your awareness of your love values is truly in focus. With a little patience, you’ll see fabulous results in the months ahead.



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