Your Love Horoscopes for the Weekend of August 3

Your Love Horoscopes for the Weekend of August 3

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


Mercury’s retrograde influence may be creating delays, hiccups and mechanical breakdowns but, until the middle of August, it’s giving us a time to reflect, recharge our batteries and rethink our love tactics.

This is a time to restore your faith in your own romantic desires; revitalise your compassion for others; redeem yourself of your own silliness, and see that you are as much a star shining in the sky as anyone else. Self-love attracts love, be that light now.



It may be that you’re listening to what’s good for you, and what’s not. But there’s something else that needs to come to light, and that’s your own take on love.  What makes you feel good to be alive, and how can you live with someone and still have the freedom you need? This week, you will find the answers.



This week, it feels like your survival in the love stakes is well, at stake. Do you reveal your frustrations, or your need for more romance? And if single, do you leap into a new relationship for the sake of it, because secretly you don’t want to be alone? Questions aside, you will find your way at last.




What comes to mind this week, is that maybe you need to be more compassionate with yourself? For however hard you search for that ‘special someone’ out there, perhaps it’s your own inner richness which needs to be discovered? This is the week to bravely liberate the wealth of who you are, so others can find it too.




This week, you’re thinking some pretty deep thoughts. So count your blessings and realise that perhaps it’s time to enjoy who you are, and what you have. Whether single or attached, be the intuitive, laid-back person that you are meant to be. Bless yourself, as well as the rest of the world.



Have you glimpsed a new romantic beginning? Throughout life, we have many pathways to follow, and quite simply they are all right for the given moment that we chose to go down them. But this week, be realistic and don’t pray for some fantasy future; give life to your true beliefs, and most of all, follow your instinct.




There’s a great feeling of relief when we come full circle to a place we know, whether it’s a literal home, or the ‘home’ of ourselves. And that’s the point you’ve finally reached. In the past weeks you’ve started to enjoy a sense of harmony in your romantic life, and now you can see how comfortable you can be with someone special in the future.




The planetary influence may be holding you back, but there’s no going back either. Your sensual charisma is irresistible and you’re ready to throw all caution to the wind. It’s not often you feel this certain about someone, but deeper reflection gives you the insight to see their true potential.




With a deeper understanding of your needs, you attract the right kind of attention at last. Don’t let a moment of self-doubt take you by surprise or make you behave out of character. This week, stay focused, speak from the heart, and it may well be one of the best weeks you’ve experienced for a long time.




OK, so you’ve been a little wrapped up in yourself, and haven’t had much time to think about someone else. This week, nurture others too. Once you show you care, then they’ll give you enough time to run around the world and back. Just a few kind words and your life will change for the better.




Your need for security and a sense of belonging is what drives you on, underpinning all your hopes, romantic yearnings and attitude to life. This week, it’s time to see how to actually make this work for you. And if single, you know now what you didn’t know a few years back: that you need to be in control of your life, and no-one else can do it for you.  At last, everything will start to fall into place.




Enlightening moments abound concerning your independent spirit.  No longer do you see commitment as giving up your freedom, but of gaining something better. So make this a week to be with someone who shares your deepest thoughts and your most exciting hopes and dreams.




You’re always there when needed: reliable and resourceful. And this week, you might wonder why it is that others are being a little distant and independent. In fact, so confident are they in their plans and schemes, they don’t seem to fall back on your good advice. Time to make it clear you need to be heard again.



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