Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of July 23

Your Weekly love horoscopes

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

The Astrology Room


The seers of ancient kings used to say that lunar eclipses were either a sign of defeat or success, depending on which side you were on, of course.

Nowadays, the eclipse of the moon, to my mind anyway, symbolises the blotting out of the past, a time to look to the present and see the truth for what it really is. This can reveal new insights, shock others, but enlighten many. So for this week, as the sun moves into Leo and the earth’s shadow occludes the Aquarian moon, be true to yourself, be proud of who you love, and why, and see the truth of all your love relationships.



The planets are reminding you to question your motives for any love decisions this week.  Is your life fulfilling? Are your true desires being met? Do you make promises then renege on them because you’re so insecure in yourself? Be honest and be rewarded.



It’s all so delicate – relationships, romance, wondering, waiting, isn’t it? Guessing how someone else feels too, maybe? Things can be fixed, but only if you communicate, take the odd risk in love, and throw a little bit of caution to the wind. This week the enchantment can at last begin.




Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or in the middle of a series of dates, make your needs clear to your partner or admirer. This is one of those weeks when turning points and sign-posts beckon. And love, elusive and unpredictable as it is, begins to make itself heard loud and clear down the road ahead of you.




As you well know, divine romance and perfect people are only found in fiction. And right now, it just feels as if the dance towards that fairy-tale ‘happy ever after’ is littered with obstacles. But this week, the fog clears and you begin to accept that relating is a never-ending tango of good times and better ones to come.




With the lunar eclipse in your love corner, you’re at last being honest about your desires. The sexual sparks begin to fly in the right direction and your partner or new admirer also begins to realise that you’re not just a laugh a minute, but also someone who needs warmth and true respect for your extraordinary talents. You can make love work for you, but only if you work at it too.




It seems right now, that if someone wants black, you want white, and if you both want it all your own way there’s little chance of ever coming to a satisfactory deal. But if the problem area is simply a pale shade of grey in need of clarification, with a little honesty you will soon see rewards beyond your wildest imagination.




Personally, you know you’ve got to do something to make a relationship move forward. But what? It’s time to live out the most expressive and romantic part of yourself. This is a fantastic week to define your goals, check out your true values and start living by your own rules. For what are they, if not a very unique expression of who you are?




Time to celebrate the new, sizzling, self-motivated you. But by the end of the week, you know that it’s also time to change your love life for the better. The communication channels open again, and you can now ask the very questions you’ve been avoiding. Make sure you also ask to be loved the way you truly want to be.




Does your deeper need for personal space diminish togetherness? The price is high, but the full moon, gives you the chance to probe the depths of your true intentions and follow them through.  If single, you’ll either be the star of the show, or at least surrounded by the right kind of company. Make sure others get to know the real you.




You may be a creature of habit, but you’re in the mood for some changes. If you’re willing to put up with someone else’s hardened attitudes, are you doing so out of fear of rejection or really through acceptance?  So look after your own self first and foremost by doing something different this week.



Time to take a long hard look at your life and love. However hard or painful the past has been, there’s something special and precious coming out of it. You’re loving yourself, a little bit more, every day.  With the lunar eclipse bringing you some enlightening ideas, at last you feel less of the defensive and more of the self-contained.




It’s hard to accept that you need to take a risk here and there. Right now, you have the chance to learn direct assertiveness and accept that sometimes you make mistakes. This is a week when your confidence, vitality and awareness of love values are turned upside down, but with fabulous results for the future.



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